My Super Tuesday.


Karen Jennings Lewis, Will Guzzardi, Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.Kim Foxx, Kurt Summers, Josina Morita, Senator Don Harmon and Danny K Davis at Daley Plaza yesterday to get out the vote.

There are primary elections today in Vermont, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado and across the South.

And at the Chicago public library on Milwaukee Avenue in Bucktown.

That is where I will be voting.

Early voting began here yesterday. I like voting on the very first day I can. But I had a morning appointment for my annual physical yesterday and Doctor Mike wanted me to have a shot of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine.

“I recommend it for my older patients,” Doctor Mike said.

I love it when Doctor Mike refers to me as one of his older patients.

Dr. Mike’s tech came in, stuck me, and warned me my arm might get stiff and sore. “But don’t baby it,” she warned.

This was followed by another tech drawing blood. I laughed and said, “You’re good at this, right?”

“Oh, yes. I’m from Transylvania.” Only she wan’t kidding. She is from Transylvania.

Nearly every intersection on the north side of Chicago is under construction. And it all started yesterday, it seems. By the time I got home it was time for my gym appointment with Trainer Mike.

My arm got stiff and sore and I decided to baby it.

So I put off voting until today.

My Super Tuesday.

Thanks to the young folks at Chicago Votes, not only isn’t there official voter suppression in Illinois, it is easier to vote than ever. We’ve had early voting for a while.

In November there will be same day voter registration.

Harish I Patel was one of the early activists in Chicago Votes. He’s running for State Representative in the north side’s 40th House District against an incumbent Machine Hack. If elected he would be, not only a rare consistent progressive voice in Springfield, but also be the first Muslim in the Illinois General Assembly.

I will be touching the screen for Bernie and his delegates.

And for Kim Foxx who is running to unseat the current State’s Attorney, Anita Alvarez.

Alvarez has got to go.

She is the poster child for everything that is wrong with the criminal justice system in this city.

She sat on the Laquan McDonald case for over a year, conspiring with the Mayor to hide the video showing Laquan being shot by a cop 16 times.

Alvarez has never seen a police abuse case in which she thought the cop was at fault.

In other areas of Chicago I would be happy if Jay Travis beat State Representative Christian Mitchell. I would like it if Rauner Tool, Democrat Ken Dunkin lost. I would be happy with a win for progressive Theresa Mah in the 2nd State Representative district.

My friend Aaron Goldstein is running for Democratic Committeeman in the nearby 33rd Ward as is Alderman Sue Sadlowski Garza in the 10th on the east side.

I will be attending Sue’s “get out the vote” fund raiser on Friday evening. It starts at 5:30 at  UAW Local 551 Hall on 13550 South Torrence Avenue.

Happy Super Tuesday.

4 Replies to “My Super Tuesday.”

  1. This may have made my day. Seeing Sen. Don Harmon standing with Karen Lewis in downtown Chicago. There is hope for Don after all. He is my state senator and we go back a few years since the beginning of the pension theft era. Very intelligent guy but he needed a lot of information that I was surprised he did not have. Glad to see him in your photo.

  2. Except for Nekritz and Cullerton they all seem to have run from pension theft. Downstate the action is the small GOP revolt against Raunerism. Sam McCann Senate in Springfield and an Edgar Rauner house race in 102.There may be aRaunerite in 72 in QCs but not much chance of a win. But this is your chance to make meanful votes at all levels. I just dont see many close General election races…..maybe a few Illinois house race…with Raunerites on the defense.

  3. Want to correct my last post. It seems there are no Rauner plants downstate. It seems to be a tactic like that used against Patel. It turns out Bruce has only helped the machine. He certainly makes claims about the rich and their supposed intellect look laughable.

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