Breaking. Illinois House votes Chicago elected school board 110-4.


Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 1.54.32 PM

Provides for the election of the Chicago Board of Education at the general primary election in 2018 only as a nonpartisan election on a separate ballot. Provides that a member of the Chicago Board of Education shall be elected at each consolidated election thereafter. Makes related changes. Amends the Chicago School District Article of the School Code. Provides that a person shall be a U.S. citizen and registered voter and shall have been a resident of the city and the electoral district for at least one year immediately preceding his or her election. Sets forth provisions concerning nominating petitions and ballots. Sets forth provisions providing that the City of Chicago shall be subdivided into 20 electoral districts by the General Assembly for seats on the Chicago Board of Education. Sets forth provisions providing that in the year following each decennial census, the General Assembly shall redistrict the electoral districts to reflect the results of each decennial census.

It now goes to the Illinois Senate.

And needs the Governor’s signature.

5 Replies to “Breaking. Illinois House votes Chicago elected school board 110-4.”

    1. Tim, that’s the first thought (after “Yay!”) that popped into my head!
      I used to live in Hyde Park, & she was always such a wonderful State Rep.
      Recent developments (such as her verbal displeasure & antagonism RE: HB 306–Guzzardi’s Opt Out Bill) have had me puzzled, as well.
      Another disappointment. (IMO, I think it’s time for her to retire.)
      Unlike us, her pension is assured.

  1. Rauner can’t possibly veto this bill if it clears the senate. He’d be seen as hopelessly obstructionist – even to his own party, where there is rare nearly universal agreement with the democrats who sponsored this bill.

  2. This can be a good thing, however, as we have seen in Hinsdale among other districts, some very extremist Rauner-backed candidates will be among those running. The voters will have to keep a close watch on who the candidates are, and what their backgrounds are. They need some pro-union, pro-teacher, anti-charter board members to preserve and protect neighborhood public schools.

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