Elected school board heads for the Illinois House floor.


In 2012 I joined with other neighbors collecting signatures in Logan Square for an elected school board in Chicago.

Word from 39th State Representative Will Guzzardi:

Today’s a day I’ve been working toward — with so many others of you — for four years:

The bill for an elected Chicago Board of Education will be called on the House floor.

Enormous credit to State Representative Robert Martwick for his leadership on this bill, and to all the community leaders who collected signatures, contacted voters, organized actions, and built the grassroots support to make this day possible.

If, as expected, it passes in the House, it must still pass the state Senate and get the Governor’s signature.

Phone calls now would be a good thing.

10 Replies to “Elected school board heads for the Illinois House floor.”

  1. No congrats for Andrade, chief co-sponsor? By rep Martwick’s own admission on this blog, it wouldn’t have happened without him.

    1. No Tim Meegan. No congrats to a Machine phony. And shameful that you would endorse this hack for re-election. As someone who was among the first to support your run for alderman, I find your current backing of the Machine incumbent against a genuine progressive, Harish I Patel, in the 40th District dismaying to say the least. Representative Martwick’s efforts for an elected school board are appreciated. But he doesn’t define for me who the progressive candidate is in the 40th District. And you certainly don’t.

    1. 39 Tim. I also live in the 35th Ward. That didn’t bother you when you ran in the 33rd. Or when you and I knocked on doors together one cold snowy day for Will Guzzardi in the 39th. Should I not support Jay Travis who is running in the 26th against Christian Mitchell (who is a co-sponsor of the elected school board). Or work for Ken Dunkin’s defeat (another supporter of the elected school board, by the way). Try another argument, Tim. That’s just dumb.

  2. My point is this. We are on the cusp of winning an ersb, and you shower praise on everybody who made it happen except for chief co sponsor Andrade, who is running against a personal friend of yours. You put personal loyalty before achieving the goals of the educational justice movement in Chicago and that’s just dumb Fred. Andrade is a machine hack I won’t argue with you there. But as long as my rep delivers on my issues he’s got my vote.

    1. No, Tim. You made several points. You tried to label me an outsider because I live in the neighboring 39th ward rather than the 40th. I haven’t been called an outside agitator since my student days, so it was a nostalgic moment for me. But not a good moment for you.
      You suggest my support for progressive candidates is based on the fact that they are personal friends of mine. I am proud to have friends among progressive officials and candidates. I consider Will a friend. Jay Travis is a friend. Harish is a friend because over time we have fought for the same things.
      You accuse me of being against educational justice?

  3. Another point (I think my last), is that appreciating Andrade’s vote on the ERSB is one thing. Making that the basis for a primary vote when there is a progressive alternative to who you agree is a Machine hack is another. I’m glad the final House vote was so overwhelming. Apparently a no vote was not politically viable. The bill had more co-sponsors than the super bowl.

  4. I say you and I debate the race at the Hideout or somewhere else that has politicos and beer. What do you think?

    1. You may speak for Andrade. I don’t speak for Harish. But I’ll talk politics and progressive strategies anywhere you like.

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