5 Replies to “Mitt Romney?”

  1. They are trying to keep Trump under the the number for a first round win and then shove somebody else through…Mittens? Who knows I had been seeing the rumor around and now its out in the open. If that happens? I would enjoy hearing the speculation.

  2. I contend that all this is turning off the average voters (a strategic plan) and they will stay home. The only people that will vote are those that are rational thinkers and the wackos. The wackos out number us!

  3. I wonder what will happen if the repug bigwigs try to take the nomination away from Donald. Those who voted for him have guns. Big guns. I would not want to be anywhere near the repug convention this year if this is what is being planned.

    I hope that whoever the Democratic nominee is, that person has the ability to defeat the repugs. We cannot be an entire nation of hillbillies. Some of us have to show some intelligence. After the Obama presidency where our standing in the world was greatly elevated, I can only imagine how we would be viewed with one of the repugs in office. Makes me truly shudder. Cape Breton Island would be looking good then.

  4. This stuff just fires up the Trump base. What is it about the Trump voters being mad as hell at the establishment Republicans that the establishment Republicans just don’t get?
    If they hijack the nomination and the convention, the Donald will just run as a third party.

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