Random thoughts. “Ranting” about the IEA and Hillary Clinton.


Some of my IEA friends refer to my blog posts as rants.

I suppose they are. But this isn’t a research journal. It’s a blog. When I see things that are wrong, I rant.

Dr. Mike thinks it is good for my heart.

About a month ago I received a survey from the IEA asking me about how I was going to vote in the Illinois Presidential Primary on March 15h.

I chose Bernie Sanders and said I was strongly in support of him

I already voted on Tuesday. Early voting started on March 1. Besides voting for Sanders, I also voted for Kim Foxx and other progressives.

One of my readers has been asking about the results of the IEA survey ever since the IEA sent it out.  The IEA won’t say, but I’m pretty sure a majority of IEA members support Hillary. Clinton is polling well in Illinois and I figure IEA members closely reflect the folks across the state.

The IEA survey wasn’t sent out to get member input. It was for the purposes of bird dogging.  They want to identify IEA members who already are strongly supportive of Hillary Clinton and make sure they vote.

Now that I have identified myself as strongly in support of Bernie, I will not hear much from the IEA.

This is unfortunate.

The IEA has turned itself into an appendage of the Hillary campaign.

If the IEA only targets Hillary voters in a get out the vote drive, it abandons many progressive voters who would support pro-labor, pro-teacher candidates in primaries down ticket.

In what appears to be a close race for Cook County States Attorney, Kim Foxx has both Hillary and Bernie supporters. They all need to get to the polls to defeat Anita Alvarez.

Just because I am a retired IEA member who supports Bernie doesn’t mean the IEA has no responsibility towards me as a voter. The IEA has a responsibility to serve and protect the democratic process.

At a time when voter suppression is wide-spread, it would reflect well on the NEA and the IEA to be putting their efforts into getting out the votes of all progressive voters.

It would certainly serve the interests of teachers and students.

Rant done.

For the day.

7 Replies to “Random thoughts. “Ranting” about the IEA and Hillary Clinton.”

  1. “…but I’m pretty sure a majority of IEA members support Hillary.”

    If true, that’s about the saddest thing I’ve heard. Teachers are supposed to be life-long learners, but apparently not enough of them are learning the lessons Obama’s been teaching.

  2. Fred,

    I, too am a Bernie Sanders supporter, As a member of the retirees section of AFSME I was disappointed that the AFSCME leadership like the IEA leadership came out supporting Hillary Clinton
    I was never asked prior to this endorsement for my views; and apparently the IEA did not ask IEA members their views either. I guess leadership in both cases made their decisions on subjective impulses

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