ISBE threatens to investigate opt outers.

Why do we need a law in Illinois that protects parents, students and teachers who advocate opting out from persecution by the crazy testers?

Because  the Illinois State Board of Education is coming after parents, students and teachers.

Can we expect the Illinois version of The Spanish Inquisition over opt out?

The Illinois State Board of Education has launched an investigation into why so many kids in certain districts skipped state exams last year — which may include questioning parents and even students after several hundred schools failed test participation requirements.

The process — which one critical administrator likened to the centuries-old Inquisition — comes on the eve of 2016 state testing, when families are once again deciding whether to pull their kids out of state exams.

When delegates offered a resolution at last year’s Illinois Education Association Representative Assembly to support the only opt-out legislation before the General Assembly, the IEA leadership shot it down.

They argued that federal education sanctions would hurt school districts. That hasn’t turned out to be supported by the facts.

(Cassie) Creswell, of the opt-out movement, thinks the number of families opting out likely will rise this testing season, given that so far there have been no sanctions on schools or districts when students don’t take state exams.

“The state has cried wolf for two years now. You (districts) are going to lose money, you’re going to lose money. Maybe they’ll ratchet up enough threats that people will be scared, but others will be more angry,” she said.

5 Replies to “ISBE threatens to investigate opt outers.”

  1. ISBE needs to get a grip. Kids no longer jump when asked to (told to) by school. They want to know what is in it for them. The PARCC test has consequences for districts but not the students. The smart students, top 10% kids, are actively asking why they should work hard on this test when they have not down side for doing poorly.

  2. “…which may include questioning parents and even students…”

    I’m confused. If ISBE is confused about why parents and students have been opting out, why haven’t they been questioning them up until now? Even better yet, they could keep their traps shut and listen to what parents and students have been trying to tell them all along. If they’re really interested in knowing, it’s not like the opt outers are a terribly reticent bunch unwilling to share their thoughts. But ISBE might need to be a bit patient as the opt outers are probably rather hoarse by now because they’ve been trying to shout their reasons from the mountaintops.

  3. Hmmm, seems a little creepy that ISBE, a state board, would investigate children-minor children-at that…since in Illinois it is the children who have to refuse, not adults.

  4. One of the reasons they can only threaten to withhold money, is because they know (Feds, too) that the minute they took one dime, they would be sued to high holy hell. That would be ruled so unconstitutional, so fast, Gates’ head would spin. Even the most conservative justice couldn’t spin that to favor USDOE/states.

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