Random thoughts. What’s vulgar?


The pundits are offended this morning because Trumpf made reference to his penis size.

Frank Bruni of the New York Times called it a “vulgar debate.”

I’m not being cheeky. I’m not being shocking. I’m noting something that we cannot lose track of, should not shrug our shoulders about and must not gloss over: Trump has succeeded at nothing as fully as he has at infusing the presidential race with a vulgarity that’s absolutely breathtaking.

He has done so well at dragging his rivals so far down into the sewer with him that portions of what we watched on Thursday night were a fetid farce. We actually witnessed an interchange — in the first 10 minutes, no less — about how well endowed (or not) he is.

David Brooks must be in tears over how impolite it was.

Calls for mass deportations, as all the Republican candidates have made?

And Obama has carried out.

Calls for perpetual war, as the three leading Republican candidates have made?

Appeals to racism?


And more.

Bt nothing upsets them quite as much as a stupid penis joke.

8 Replies to “Random thoughts. What’s vulgar?”

  1. It was a forgone conclusion that the pundits would focus on Trump’s penis concerns. It does bring a new perspective to what it means to be presidential.

  2. The MSM is a joke the sooner their beloved free market tosses them in the dust bin of history the better. Unless a billionaire keepsbthem for his ego…….Bernie has done well without them

  3. Fred,
    Seldom agree with you on anything but you did make me laugh over morning coffee.
    This belongs in the Louvre

    soft touch

  4. Now that Christie is out of the race and his political career is down the drain, Trump is the biggest p_ _ _ k.

  5. A new level of “ick”–& a low one, at that.
    BTW–for those of you voting for Bernie & delegates in IL, for some weird reason, there are too many Bernie delegates listed (am told this mistake is in the 9th CD). You can ONLY vote for SEVEN delegates–if you overvote, your Bernie vote will still be good, but your delegate vote will be invalid. Your ballot will “kick back,” &, if you are voting in a precinct where an election judge will even bother to tell you this (some won’t, in some Chicago pcts., I’m told), you will be asked to fill in a new ballot, & your overvote one will be destroyed (& you should make SURE that it is). As usual, a mess.

  6. Even though I like to think of myself as an independent until the last couple of debates, I thought I was leaning more to the right. While I resent being told by the RNC and other Republican establishment types telling me who I should not vote for, I am really reconsidering my options. Now the only thing I agree with Trump about is mass deportations–starting with him and the other Republican candidates who have sunk so low! Bernie and possibly Kasich seem to be the only two stand-outs for integrity as of right now. If things don’t improve pronto, I may have to vote for myself or you Fred, as a write-in candidate!

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