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The CTU is pleased that CPS today backed down from CEO Claypool’s February 2 announcement to discontinue the pension pickup in 30 days.  The pension pickup is part of the status quo that CPS is required by law to maintain during bargaining, and unilaterally discontinuing the pension pickup would surely be illegal.

We regret that it took the threat of an unfair labor practice strike to induce CPS to reconsider for now its ill-advised action of enforcing a 7 percent pay cut on teachers, paraprofessionals and clinicians who have borne the brunt of horrific attacks against their professional and the students in their classrooms.

Unfortunately, for us, and many of you—CPS has a credibility problem.

We do not trust what they say. We only brace ourselves for what they do.

Mr. Claypool has rescinded his threat today, but he is clear that he will enforce a 7 percent pay cut ‘at a future date.’ This is unwise and not productive toward concluding a labor agreement—therefore this unfair labor practice remains un-remedied. Karen Lewis




The second giant fallacy is that there is One True Path to success and happiness. There isn’t. You can’t put your child on that path because it doesn’t exist, and if you insist on believing that it does exist, you will suffer a lifetime of unnecessary frustration about missing it as well as missing some awesome possibilities that you can’t see because they aren’t where you think the path is “supposed to” be.  Peter Greene



As Donald Trump’s campaign surges to front-runner status on shock value in America, his bombast is familiar to a certain type of Israeli.

“He’s a no-bullshitter,” said Doron Mizrachi, owner of a South Tel Aviv restaurant that sells bourekas, or Middle Eastern puff pastries. Mizrachi concedes that customers in this left-wing neighborhood sometimes bristle at his unabashedly right-wing politics: “I’m like Donald Trump,” he explained. “I say the facts.” Jewish Daily Forward


We should choose based on what direction the country should go.  

I get that all these people sound like bullshit soft criminal opportunists. The whole game feels rigged and it’s not going anywhere but down anymore. I feel that way sometimes.  

And that voting for Trump is a way of saying “fuck it. Fuck them all”. I really get it. It’s a version of national Suicide. Or it’s like a big hit off of a crack pipe. Somehow we can’t help it. Or we know that if we vote for Trump our phones will be a reliable source of dopamine for the next four years. I mean I can’t wait to read about Trump every day. It’s a rush. But you have to know this is not healthy. Louis CK



R.I.P. Henry English.

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  1. Here is a comment from the BBC concerning Trump. Headline: “Europe hates Trump. Does it matter?” by Katty Kay Presenter, BBC World News

    “…the international reaction to Donald Trump is so forceful and so unanimous in its condemnation that it is worth drawing attention to. …It’s hard to know at this stage what impact foreign opinion will have in this race, but it’s fairly clear the world is not going to suddenly fall in love with the man Republicans are rapidly choosing to be their candidate for the White House.”

    We still have a democratic, constitutional government. Who would Trump work with if he is elected? He is condemned by other Congressional Republicans and isn’t likely to get along with Democrats.

  2. Please attend and help publicize this important event:

    Wednesday, March 9, 6:00-8:00 pm Town Hall

    First United Methodist Church Temple, 77 West Washington, Chicago
    Sponsored by the reconstituted Chicago Teachers Solidarity Committee, and Jobs with Justice

    Our state and city have manufactured a budget crisis. Politicians claim the state and city governments are broke but we know they’re broke on purpose. If they tax the rich, there is no crisis. The people of Illinois and Chicago, unions, and community groups need to unite and fight to stop social service cuts; and support AFSCME, CTU, and other public sector unions trying to negotiate contracts and protect pensions. We must demand they invest in our futures.

    Karen Lewis, President, Chicago Teachers Union
    Tracey Abman, Associate Director, AFSCME Council 31
    Ken Franklin, President, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 308
    Faith Arnold, SEIU Health Care
    Todd St. Hill, Black Youth Project 100
    Darren Martin, Chicago State University Student Government Association
    Nidalis Burgos, Chicago Student Union
    Larry Biondi, ADAPT

    For more information: or Kelvin at (339) 221-3437

    …in solidarity, Steven Ashby for the CTSC (for ID purposes only: Professor of Labor Studies, University of Illinois) Cell: 630-697-8694

  3. It’s not broke on purpose. The city and state are simply not broke at all.

    Rahm is fighting to give away public access to the lake to another billionaire so that the city and taxpayers can pay for the museum of said billionaire. The state allows large corporations to keep tax revenue deducted from workers’ paychecks even though Illinois attracts more businesses than most other states in this area.

    Nope. Not broke on purpose. They aren’t broke at all – except when they want to talk about paying workers for what they do! The politics in this state is appalling and folks need to wake up to the reality of what these rich and powerful people are doing to all of us.

    By the way, when they talk on Chicago Week in Review (WTTW) about shared sacrifice, who exactly is sharing the financial sacrifice with CPS teachers and staff?

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