Christian Mitchell. Stand for Children’s representative in the Illinois House and IEA endorsed. What?


U.S. Rep. Danny Davis (7th) joined Chicago Alds. Susan Sadlowski Garza (10th) and Brendan Reilly (42nd) at the press conference, held at the Billy Goat Tavern on Michigan Avenue, to announce their support of Travis. Photo credit: Progress Illinois

Yesterday my friend Glen Brown forwarded an email from another friend of his.

Glen, I have been doing quite a bit of volunteering for Jay Travis, state representative candidate for the 26th district. As you can imagine the race is heating up. I think Jay has a really good chance of defeating Christian Mitchell. Some of his negative mailers about Jay are being paid for by IllinoisGo and INCS Action Independent Committee, a chapter school PAC. I know that Fred K has been a supporter of Jay but what I don’t understand is why the IEA and Cindy Klinckna would endorse a charter school advocate like Christian. Hopefully if there is a way to get the word out to IEA members that live in the 26th, you can be of help.

The thing about 26th State Rep Christian Mitchell is that he is the bought-and-paid for representative of Stand for Children in the Illinois legislature.

Stand for Children is Christian Mitchell’s largest donor.

$160,545.56 so far.

Readers may recall that we were were among the first to announce the arrival of Stand for Children in Illinois and were the first to post the infamous Jonah Edelman video of the talk he gave at the Aspen Institute in 2011 boasting how he bamboozled the IEA and bought Illinois legislators.

They are still bamboozling the IEA which has endorsed Christian Mitchell for election again instead of the genuine pro-public education candidate in that race, Jay Travis.

How bad do you have be to have the IEA oppose the re-election of a legislator?

I have frankly had enough and have dropped my membership in IEA Retired and told them to stop taking money out of my pension check for the IEA political action committee.

I don’t know how many IEA members are in the 26th District.

Oh, yes. That’s another thing. We are not allowed to know. A proposal I brought to the IEA Representative Assembly several years ago that would allow member to member contact for political action was shot down by IEA President Cinda Klickna.

I doubt that there are many IEA members in Mitchell’s district.

If you are a member who lives in the 26th, ignore the IEA’s recommendation.

Jay is the public education candidate in the 26th.

2 Replies to “Christian Mitchell. Stand for Children’s representative in the Illinois House and IEA endorsed. What?”

  1. Dear Fred,
    Being forced to leave the I.E.A. retired because of the I.E.A.’s expectation of blind obedience (even when going along may result in harm to teachers) Is truly sad. Tolerance of dissent is something that serves to keep any organization honest.

    Most active and retired educators already know that the I.E.A. doesn’t speak for many of us. It only seems to speak to it’s leadership’s interests. Lately, promoting those interests have resulted in harm to the profession as a whole. (Is blind support of Hillary going to be another another one?)

    Organizations that do not speak to membership interests do not remain viable over the long run. The I.E.A. is carving its own tombstone by the way it is conducting itself. Others will make the same choice you did, and go elsewhere.

    Is unwillingness to disclose membership information a sign that numbers are shrinking? “Do as I say with no questions!” responses to honest disagreement within the membership may have led to people (and their dues money) leaving.

    This could also be a reason the I.E.A. fears the possible repeal of “Fair Share” so much. Regardless of the merits of eliminating “free riders”, many unions survived and prospered without it. The possible elimination of “fair Share” shouldn’t scare any organization that offers value to its membership.

    Just another sign the ship is sinking. How sad.

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