5 Replies to “Nate predicts a Hillary win in Michigan.”

  1. Here is the headline from BBC: “Donald Trump’s tone likened to Hitler by Mexico’s Pena Nieto”. I’m sending a partial quote from that article:

    “The Mexican leader also said that Mr Trump had hurt US-Mexico relations.

    Donald Trump has said that if he is elected he will build a wall along the US-Mexico border to keep migrants from crossing into the US illegally.

    The Republican candidate has also insisted that Mexico would pay for the border wall, which President Pena Nieto dismissed out of hand.

    He said there was “no scenario” under which Mexico would ever pay for such a wall. ”
    I don’t understand why people vote for Trump thinking that he can accomplish something by bullying. This may (MAY???) have helped him in business but definitely won’t help in international relations.

  2. Polling is becoming a joke. If Hillary believed them she would not be in Florida. I cant believe it but I will defend Trump. He us not Hitler. My grandmother was murdered by Hitler and he is not Hitler. He is now different than the rest of the repub racists. Dictatorwise he is more like the tin plates that have run well Mexico. Mexico wont write a check but he plans to slap a tariff on. The billionaire media acts like thus is an outrage. Well Obama just slapped on on steel supported by the union and industry. The pro free trade con artists make up an fake inflation argument. Its on time inflation . I for one would pay that tax because a serious tariff on China could create 2 million factory jobs that would save lot of communities.Both Sanddrs and Trump will be going after the free trade con. Its why they are winning. But in the democratic party it makes Hillary backtrack . In the GOP it drives the Kochsters nuts and they will tank the party over it. Look at Rauner. I just voted for Bernie. But I know the GOP. Its all racist or willing to use race to fatten their walkets. Its classic Ayn Rand nihilism. So when you see Romney who made his money just like Rauner go holier than thou after Trump it is not altruisic….its about his own pile of cash.

    1. “Free trade” has been a disaster for the U.S. worker. When steel, automotive, and related manufacturing moves overseas, it hurts middle class families. A worker loses a skilled trade job in a factory ends up in retail fast food, or worse. Some get a job doing work similar to their previous job, but at half their previous pay and little/no benefits. TPP needs to be stopped. NAFTA needs to be re-examined and modified, or repealed outright.

  3. The difference between Bernie and the Donald.Donald points the finger of blame at poor migrants AND other Billionaires. Bernie points the finger at the predatory Billionaires. This is where will the pension theft plans originated. The republicans point the finger at all poor people and 💘 wealthy predators.We have a mess there a blame let’s get the culprits right.

  4. The American manufacturing that moved to Mexico to avoid taxation and pick up non-unionized, inexpensive labor was not not the doings of the Mexicans. It was the wealthy corporations, not the Mexicans, who were scheming to avoid paying their fair share of taxes back home. Maybe Trump should consider building a four-sided wall (jail cell) for the CEO’s who sent the jobs to Mexico and ditched out on their tax responsibilities. Of all the foreign countries, Mexico is one of the greatest consumers of American exports….greater than China, Russia, or Brazil.

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