Random thoughts. Godwin’s law, Trumpf and Hitler.


I love John Oliver. He received a lot of well-deserved praise for his show last week about Donald Trump. He offered a web extension  that will automatically change Trump to Drumpf if you use the Chrome browser.

Oliver claims Drumpf was The Donald’s original family name. His intention is to make a Hitler comparison.

I beat Oliver to the punch last November when I did a cartoon titled Mein Trumpf.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.07.10 AM

My cartoon from last November.

Of course, Oliver has a slightly larger audience than I do. His Drumpf hats have sold out.

Godwin’s Law states that as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.

The thing is that even Mike Godwin, creator of the law, has said that some comparisons to Hitler are appropriate.

Not every bad guy is like Hitler.

But some are.

One of my readers suggests that it is wrong to compare Trumpf and Hitler, citing the death of his grandmother by the Nazis.


But the problem is that how do we know Trumpf in power would not turn out to be a murdering fascist.

He certainly walks and talks like a duck.

11 Replies to “Random thoughts. Godwin’s law, Trumpf and Hitler.”

  1. Nazism was very unique. Lots of fascists lots of dictators not many real Nazis. Hitler lived an breathed hate. He planned on killing every Jew on earth. Most life as had been local. The Romans leveled the temple and made it the temple of Venus. They made no action to kill all Jews just ones the empire considered trouble like a certain Jesus.Stalin killed political enemies and millions through stupidity. Mao through crazy..like Pol Pot who thought he had a country of Vietnamese spies. Trump does not wantvMuslims here but he seems to want to disengage killing them elsewhere. The high command was going to invade the Soviet Union and kill everybody. Surround and starve the cities and enslave the rural popualtion and kill them when they become useless. He viewed them as so inferior he would just use his dog army To control them.Firstbyhe Jews would be killed because they were the danger. The interror could be killed at leisure.That was the Nazis. I had relatives that served it as well as victims. Donald Trump will not be Hitler. He might have restricive immigration but so has Obama. He may toss the Koch brothers and the Ricketts in Guantanamo and make them drink his wine.Hitler was a dictator but not all dictators are Hitler. But Hitler would like the way things are going in the world. But are Trump and the HOP tinplates Hitler? No . The more important question is Are they and our world full of hack politicians in a planet of economic and environmental crisis all setting the table for a real one….That is possible.

  2. A must read. They hate Trump and seem to be involved in the plotting against him. I wonder why they and Romney are willing to tank their party. Just Weird and dark.

  3. This is how Hitler started. He didn’t get elected promising to kill all the Jews from the get go, he evolved. When people ask how did Hitler get elected THIS IS HOW!!!! People were stupid then as they are now.

  4. All the Republicans have caused me sleepless nights. We can argue about which one is more like Hitler or Mussolini. Trump is the one who has exhibited tendencies which are more closely reminiscent of Hitler, i.e. the raising of the right hand to swear an oath; calling for the violent eviction of protesters; obvious racism and ethnic hatred; add to that Trump’s total disrespect for constitutional government. He’s plenty terrifying, but are Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich any less terrifying? To me, one is as frightening as any of the others. Bush II has caused considerable damage to the country that Obama hasn’t fixed or hasn’t been able to fix, but anyone of the Republican candidates, perhaps each in his own way, will complete the destruction that Bush II began. As long as Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich have a chance at the presidency, I’ll continue to lose sleep.

  5. In Mein Kampf he called Jews maggots eating the body of the German nation. The Zionist movement began as a search for a Jewish homeland as a solution to the European Jewish problem.The hatred was there but Germans were not into the final solution though they went along with his hatred. That is why the camps were in the East in plain view. The locals didn’t care about the Jews but didn’t realize they were next. It was in the Ost plan.Trump wrote Art of the Deal.He is another race baiting republican.

  6. I re-watched Cabaret a few years ago and the similarities in the political climate was startling. As the plot unfolds, signs of extreme polarity emerge – posters in the background – some fascist, some socialist.
    Composer John Kander remarked that Cabaret is about hatred and the danger of not being aware of what’s going on around you.
    So, if you’ve been asleep for the past ten years, it’s time to wake up and start paying attention.

  7. Trump has encouraged crowds to harm people in the audience who were “different” than he himself is. Particularly people of color or those of a non-Christian faith.
    He hasn’t even won the primary race for one of the two main political parties and he espouses physical harm to “others.”
    What logical conclusion can be drawn when considering what his behavior would be when he actually attains power? Fascist? Nazi? Trump’s Real American?
    The only arguments regarding this are pure semantics.
    (Dear Trump Followers,
    Semantics are not the same as semitics. Please take me off your list of people to hate and harm.

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