5 Replies to “Exclusive. Hillary’s secret speech to Goldman Sachs.”

  1. She and Rahm call themselves Democrats, but they act like all of the Republican oligarchs. She doesn’t seem believable enough for me to vote for her. I’m going with Bernie Sanders!

  2. I’ve been a long-time “Bernie” fan and I’m enthusiastically campaigning for him.. This political year has been unlike any I’ve ever experienced. Others also share that view. I’m fighting hard for Bernie’s nomination, but I’m also aware that political fortune may be elude him and Hillary will be the Democrats’ standard bearer. While I have issues with parts of Hillary’s record, I will support her in a campaign against the Republican opponent. I can’t bear the thought of one of those Republican bozos in the White House. Hillary is far better than a Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, or a Trump who all have the high potential to destroy the entire country. Think of the Supreme Court, the environment, our children’s future. Please, no Democratic circular firing squad. All Democrats unite and work for the party’s nominee after the primaries and convention.

      1. Fred,
        It’s fair and expected that we have a “friendly” slug fest in a contested primary, but if we continue that slug fest among us after the primary because this candidate or that candidate lost, and one side develops a sour grapes attitude, there’s a real danger that it’ll morph into a “circular firing squad” through which the winner in the general election will be the candidate of the opposing party. I shudder at that.

        The obvious example is the Bernie / Hillary primary match. Some of this is media contrived. It’s also quite clear that some of Hillary’s campaign people — Chelsea, John Podesta, David Brock, and hubby Bill have used some questionable if not low tactics against Bernie. The latest of which occurred in the Detroit debate when Hillary attacked Bernie for “voting against the auto bailout.” Yes and no… Hillary told a half-truth at best. Give him credit, Bernie has tried very hard to campaign purely on the issues. Bernie supporters were already frustrated with the Democratic Party’s pro-corporate establishment before the primary campaign and Hillary’s unwise attacks on him just deepens the anger that Bernie’s supporters feel for her. What will happen if we don’t heal the Bernie-Hillary primary divide by next fall? A “circular firing squad?” I really shudder at that.

        Looking forward to Monday. Karl

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