CPS has a better chance of getting funding from Republicans in the Illinois legislature than they have getting $65 million from Barbara Byrd Bennett.


The Chicago Public Schools have filed a suit for $65 million from former CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett.

Good luck with that.

Even Rahm stooge Alderman Joe Moore called it a public relations move.

Although nobody is buying what these fools are selling.

The Chicago Teachers Union, still in contract negotiations with CPS, criticized Claypool for missing the mark with his “slapdash lawsuit”, saying he should consider more lucrative lawsuits against others who may have wronged CPS.

“Since Mr. Claypool is in the suing mood, he should seek to recoup the more than $300 million that the (former Board President David) Vitale-led Board of Education has given away to its politically connected corporate friends,” spokeswoman Stephanie Gadlin said in a statement.

The lawsuit comes one day after current CEO Forrest Claypool told principals to stop spending money.

Even Crain’s Greg Hinz wonders how BBB ranks among Chicago and Illinois corrupt officials.

She had a lot of competition, including a guilty plea by a former U.S. House speaker, the indictment of a Chicago police officer in the Laquan McDonald shooting and a federal probe into the hiring practices of the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court, according to the report by Simpson, a political science professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Yet California and New York still have more crooked public officials than Illinois.

“Feel better now?” Hinz asks.

3 Replies to “CPS has a better chance of getting funding from Republicans in the Illinois legislature than they have getting $65 million from Barbara Byrd Bennett.”

  1. Should sue Vitale for misappropriation of funds in this case and also for gambling with CPS funds in the investment market.

    1. JR, you’re always so on-point–that picture (& your comment) is hysterical!
      Actually, I think he’s admiring B3’s new ring (guess he didn’t know where she got the $$$ to spend on it–perhaps she won it at one of the “casinos to visit”).
      But, seriously, I’ve long thought that her assets (plus Solomon’s & the other perp’s) should be seized. For sure, Solomon has some very valuable real estate (remember the picture of the huge lakefront house Fred had posted?).
      Plus–while we’re at it–how about getting the $160 million (plus damages–meaning endless & extensive damage to ILL-Annoy public education vis-a-vis our children) back from the also illegal (a 4-year, no-bid contract) deal the ISBE (not to mention trips & perks for former State Not-so-Super Chris Koch) made to purchase tests & testing materials from the “always earning” Pear$on? And the money keeps rolling in!

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