9 Replies to “Non-violent Chicago protests chase Trump out of town.”

  1. Well done, everyone! (Unfortunately, what went on inside made more news, & resulted in some really long-winded & ridiculous interviews with the candidate.)
    And while that all played out, another rally held across town, at Argo High School, took place, this time, however, with 4,000+ people of all ages, religions, races, cultures & income levels gathered together to listen to a wise and presidential-appearing candidate who spoke–for an hour & 10 minutes (after just getting off a plane, having traveled from Florida to Ohio then to Chicago)–of uniting the American people, of creating a political revolution and of giving our children “a future we can believe in.”
    Awesome and inspirational! (Of course, this you didn’t see on the news.) Bernie, 2016.
    Work your butts off for the next 4 days & make this happen–go to bernie.com/events & sign up!!!! (Tuesday, 3/15, Election Day is supposed to be a beautiful day, so we should have a high voter turn out.)

  2. I refuse to let Trump, Rahm, Rauner, or any other politician ruin this weekend. I am going to forget about them until Monday morning. This is the weekend for all of us to be Irish, have fun and a few drinks with our friends! Happy St. Patrick’s day to all!

    1. Dan,
      I was pretty sure I was there. Did I imagine that or did I need to check in with you? Nobody told me I had to notify you.

  3. This protest was far from peaceful. Who are you trying to kid here? Keep it up you far left liberals…..you’re only pushing more people to vote TRUMP!

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