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It might seem absolutely inconceivable that there was a time in Chicago in which a fascist rally would attract thousands of people. But on June 18, 1939, the American flag and Nazi swastika banner flew side by side in what is now known as Merrimac Park.

Chicago newspapers estimated that between 4,000 and 8,000 assembled to support the German-American Bund, an organization whose stated mission was to “defend the Constitution, Flag, and Institutions of these United States of America.” But as at other Bund gatherings, those that spoke showed nothing but contempt for American democracy. There was remarkably little ideological difference between the German-American Bund and the Nazi Party in Germany. Chicago Reader



Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas addressed the political success of Sen. Bernie Sanders in a radio interview yesterday, saying that the self-described “democratic socialist” is doing well in the Democratic presidential primary because “we let some of the hippies from the ‘60s” influence the education system.

Gohmert spoke with Florida talk radio host Joyce Kaufman who said that all the “crony capitalism” in Washington has driven voters to Sanders, whom she claimed was “reading from the Communist Manifesto” in a recent debate.

“That’s also because we let some of the hippies from the ‘60s who created such chaos then start teaching the teachers,” Gohmert said, “and teaching them how great socialism is and just rewriting history and keeping them from realizing socialism has never worked, it will never work in this world, in this life, because if you’re going to pay everybody the same thing then they’re going to quit working.”

He added that the survival of the country is “really hanging in the balance.”



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  1. “…because if you’re going to pay everybody the same thing then they’re going to quit working.”

    It sounds like Gohmert got his definition of (democratic) socialism off the back of a cereal box. Of course he knows it and is playing to the knee jerk response that many people have to the term “socialism.”

  2. Guess this is a Sunday Post. Chuck Todd said Bernie could win Illinois because Rahm is toxic. Nice to see national media noticed. Our Governor is backing Cruz. I see Madigan is advertising on the Networks?! Is he in that much trouble? I was not paying attention to that one. Well after talking about Trump.Cruz. Rahm. Rauner. I feel the need to wash up. Votes for Bernie and Duckworth. No downballot races. Zopp has been a Charter supporter…?

    1. David–Chuck Todd said that?!
      Will miracles never cease? (I hope not!)
      BTW–interesting that Trump is now blaming Bernie for the Friday debacle
      (he went through the whole list of “suspects,” so had to find yet another to blame {he ran the gamut of the CPD, the UIC Police & the UIC students, themselves–of course, never taking responsibility for his own part in all of this {the compilation of Trump’s rallies whereby he kicks people out, insults people &–yes–results in inciting violence, in chronological order, as shown on Rachel Maddow’s Friday show is a must-see}). I was at the Bernie rally in Summit on Friday night where–of course!–people were angry, as well–for all the reasons Trump convolutedly described in a Friday interview w/Chris Matthews, but not one person yelled at another, not one person pushed, shoved, punched another–4,000+ people attended &–like Trump’s audience–waited outside in long lines for hours–I observed them good naturedly talking, joking, waving signs & cheering loudly each time the National Nurses Ass’n. (which endorsed Bernie, unlike our teachers unions {well, the leaders–not that the rank-&-file were even asked}) bus rolled by.
      I know some Berners who attended the Trump protest–OUTSIDE the UIC Pavillion–& they were protesting peacefully. At Argo, I spoke to some parents (that’s right–boomers & seniors &–gasp!–middle-aged & older WOMEN DO support Bernie!) whose children went to the outdoor protest instead, & they were fearful for their kids’ safety.
      Not the Bernie Sanders event–strictly “G”-rated–large #s of parents w/small children riding their shoulders, babies cuddled up to their moms. And, again, galling that Trump brags about how he would NEVER have the microphone taken away from him, as Bernie did, when the representatives from Black Lives Matter took the mike from him and urgently spoke their piece.
      Trump depicted Bernie as being weak.
      No, Bernie actually hears & LISTENS to the American people, & isn’t that what a representative of the people, by the people & for the people should do?
      & that’s why I say–Bernie 2016!

  3. It blew me away too retiree. It may be online. The Daily Hillary I mean Kos actually has a new spot on post on Bernie and Donald as game changers. On the protesters it. Seems for years ever time three is a legit protest. Some of these so called anrvsts show up to promote violence. I suspected some billionaire was behind this to discredit the cause.

    1. David. There was no violence. At least no more than we had in Wrigleyville celebrating St. Patrick’s Day last night.

  4. You should have seen the Friday night media. They made it seem like there were roaming mobs. I am glad you were there to show the Truth.

  5. All the folks in Florida believe that there was horrible violence against Trump and his pro-America supporters. Why?
    TV reports. Emailed promises from local politicians to be tougher on crime and criminals – such as protestors – while protecting “freedom of speech” and other God-given values.
    Mussolini wouldn’t believe how far propaganda has gone since his day. The “liberal media” of today had to “admit just how violent” those violent protestors will go – according to my neighbors who believe what they have been told and retold and retold.
    Reality versus image. When image is reported as reality, there is no talking about the actuality of our world. Everyone is proud to be an American. America is the greatest country in the world. Christmas is under attack. How do I know? I read my neighbors’ bumper stickers. Trump will Make America Great Again. Ask my deluded neighbors.
    The reality of the non-violent protest against Trump in Chicago must be spread via social media. Keep up the good work, my friend. We must overcome.

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