Trump’s America. The Blue State Cowboys.

Dear Chicago Protesters,

Sorry I couldn’t be with you yesterday at the University of Illinois at Chicago to “greet” Donald Trump, but I was stuck taking a deposition that had been scheduled weeks ago. In any event, congratulations to all of you for letting Mr. Trump know that his race-baiting and bullying won’t fly in Chicago.

After I got home last night, I caught the tail-end of the UIC event on CNN. An hour later, I began recording this song, which I had started writing earlier in the week. My good buddy and longtime music compadre Steve Doyle took time out of his busy Saturday morning to lay down his electric guitar track. (Thank you, brother.)

The spark for this song comes from Mr. Trump’s tired slogan — recycled from a Reagan campaign — “Make America Great Again.”

Whenever I hear that line, I ask myself what period of greatness Mr. Trump wants us to revisit? The Ozzie & Harriet years? The Reagan era? The Dred Scott days?

Depending on one’s skin color, gender, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation, those were not likely wonderful times for everyone. But what the hell, every candidate needs a slogan.

Again, thanks for filling the streets last night, Chicago. I hope you enjoy my song.

In solidarity,

Matt Farmer

Trump’s America
(M. Farmer)

In a Trump t-shirt and a bright red hat
He stopped me outside of the laundromat
And said, “Howdy, brother, would you like to join our fight?”

He said, “We need to take this country back
From those godless gays and the brown and the black,
Can you help Mr. Trump as he tries to make things right?

“He’s gonna build our nation a great big wall
And get Mexico to pay for it all
‘Cause he’s a businessman who knows how to get things done

“He’ll keep out the drugs and Mexican rapists
ISIS thugs and no-‘count papists
And make America safe for everyone”

And then that man in the red hat looked me straight in the eye and said, “Are you with us, brother? Will you help Mr. Trump make America great again?”

Well, I could barely contain myself, but I paused, took a deep breath, gathered my thoughts . . . and then I asked him a couple of questions . . .

Before you make America great again
Can you take a moment and remind me when
That greatness stretched from sea to shining sea?

‘Cause I know all about the Jim Crow years,
The Stonewall raid, and the Trail of Tears
And the strange fruit hanging from a poplar tree

Was our country really at its best
When internment camps filled the Great Northwest
Or when old man Daley busted heads back in ’68?

This nation’s always worked well for some
But it’ll never be great for everyone
If it’s run by a man who encourages fear and hate

Well, that threw him for a loop
But truth be told, I was just getting started . . .

I said your man’s a bully and a carnival barker
Peddlin’ fear of folks whose skin’s a bit darker
Than that crazy shade of orange that he likes to wear

Sellin’ Trump University class online
Along with steak, water, and vanity wine
And Lord don’t even get me started on that yellow hair

And I won’t even bother tryin’ to hide my scorn
About his crazy claim that there’s a Kenyan-born
Man in the office the he’s now tryin’ to win

So if two Corinthians ever walk in a bar
And ask how our nation has fallen so far
Tell ‘em President Trump was the guy who did us in

Before you make America great again
Can you take a moment and remind me when
That greatness stretched from sea to shining sea?

‘Cause I know all about Hoover’s FBI
COINTELPRO and the need to spy
On folks who fought and died just to be free

Was our country really at its best
When you paid a poll tax and had to pass a test
If you were black and wanted to vote in a Southern state?

This nation’s always worked well for some
But it’ll never be great for everyone
If it’s run by a man who encourages fear and hate

So go vote for someone else before it’s too late

6 Replies to “Trump’s America. The Blue State Cowboys.”

  1. Your guy says America has always been a piece of shit, Hillary says it’s never stopped being great, and Obama is happy to tear it to shreds and make it a global laughingstock. Bernie isn’t real clear about what America has been (he was pretty much a doper in his formative years), but clearly wants to put it in the economic miasma of autocratic tyrannical communism – complete with Secret Police, etc (because that’s the only way you can enforce communism).

    1. Yes, akivida, you certainly have your facts straight (sources, please?).
      My fact-finding informs me that Sen. Sanders spent his “formative years” as a star student & athlete from a poor Brooklyn family who did well enough in school to be accepted at the University of Chicago. My fact-finding informs me that Sen. Sanders was a student leader in C.O.R.E., marching with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and being arrested in August, 1963, in Chicago for protesting the segregation (“Willis Wagons”) of Chicago Public Schools (& he still is, as per his comments RE: the recent closing of the largest number of public schools–here in Chicago–in the country).

      I agree with Fred, below, but I’d drop the “r” from “doper” & just refer to you as a…dope.

      It’s clear that you’ve never heard of Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe. For your information, Goethe was one of the greatest minds of Europe in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. His wisdom, humanity, and art provide volumes of lessons that transcend time. You might want to do a little research on this great man. When I read something like your mishmash of incoherence, I’m always reminded of one of Goethe’s many insightful observations:
      “There’s nothing worse than ignorance in action.”

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