Black lives matter and last night’s electoral storm.


Last night, after the polls had closed and most of the votes were counted in Chicago, a classic midwestern storm rolled through.

It sent poor Ulysses upstairs to hide under our bed.

It was a metaphor for what had taken place these last two weeks of voting.

Given a few more days it is probable that Bernie Sanders would have closed the 33,000 vote gap that separated him from Hillary Clinton.

33,000 votes. That’s less than a few hundred votes per city ward spread out statewide.

There was a racial divide to the Sanders and Clinton vote. The south side and west side went for Clinton. The north side went largely for Sanders.

Nobody can be shocked by a racial division in Chicago elections.

It was true about the Mayoral election last March. Black and white wards favored the Mayor. Latino wards favored Chuy Garcia.

Last night there was an electoral storm – not just an electrical storm.

Voters of all races and nationalities united to oust State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez. There was only one issue in that race. The issue was the failure of the State’s Attorney office to rigorously pursue race-based police misconduct. It was exemplified by the 400 days that it took Alvarez to bring charges in the video taped murder of Laquan McDonald.

Wards in every part of the city and voters throughout Cook County voted for Kim Foxx by a huge margin.

Only five wards out of 50 gave Alvarez more than 50% of the vote.

While the Black Lives Matter movement has avoided being channeled into only an electoral movement, it has had electoral consequences.

Last night in Cleveland voters ousted the prosecutor who cleared cops in the murder of Tamir Rice.

And we sent Anita Alvarez packing.

Black Lives Matter, contrary to what some have argued, turned out to unite voters in neighborhoods all over a city known for its racial divisions.

That is my take away from the electoral storm that ran through Chicago last night.

4 Replies to “Black lives matter and last night’s electoral storm.”

  1. Of course, with the Chicago area vote tallies coming in last, didn’t need Nostradamus to see how this one (Dem. presidential) would turn out.
    Already, an article in the Trib. “Some 17-Year-Olds Turned Away at Polls
    Because of Tech Glitch.” And what other shenanigans (a polite word) occurred in the wards & precincts of Chicago?
    That having been said, a “YUGE” thank you to Chuy & Troy for their support and great commercial spots. And very sorry about Jay Travis’ loss, which is our loss, as well.

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