Garry McCarthy, Rahm Emanuel’s Chief of Police, complicit in the coverup of the killing of Laquan McDonald, was forced to resign.

States Attorney Anita Alvarez, a co-conspirator in the coverup refused to resign. So last night the voters of Chicago and Cook County threw her out.

Only Rahm remains standing. Hiding. But still in office.

To give you some perspective on the how large States Attorney-elect Kim Foxx’s victory was, she received more votes in Cook County than Donald Trump received yesterday in the state of Illinois, Missouri,  North Carolina and nearly more than Trump got in Ohio.

Two weeks ago polls in Illinois showed Bernie Sanders twenty points behind Hillary. With the huge resources of the two statewide teacher unions, the IFT and the IEA,  behind her, Hillary’s campaign nearly imploded.

Bernie came within 33,000 votes out of 1.87 million votes of winning and did win many delegates including delegates from my 4th Congressional district along with the 5th and the 9th Congressional districts.

On the other hand, a coalition of state public employee unions and Speaker Michael Madigan gave Governor Bruce Rauner a spanking and a stinging electoral defeat, including sending Chicago State Rep Ken Dunkin packing.

Congratulations to my friend and progressive political activist Harish I Patel for winning over 40% of the vote in the neighboring 40th state representative district. He was beaten by some remnants of the old Chicago Machine who ran a vicious negative low-road campaign. Yet he did well for a first-timer, swimming among the sharks.

And although there are still two precincts un-reported, it could be that long-time Machine Boss of the 33rd Ward (the Man Behind the Curtain in Harish’s 40th district) Dick Mell may have lost the Democratic Party Committeeman’s job. He is 150 votes behind my friend, attorney Aaron Goldstein.

In the 10th Ward, another good friend, Alderman Susan Sadlowski Garza pounded what was left of the Old Guard to win the Committeeman’s job.

Love the 10th Ward!

10 Replies to “#ByeAnita”

  1. It was a good night. Bernies problem was Ohio and his poor Florida margin. If that was closer like North Carolina he could claim that he only lost one of her home states because the unions were crushing Rauner in Springfield.But he got crushed in Ohio. Stay away from the Hillary sites….but soak up the crushing of the billionaires in Illinois. Enjoy the republican self immolation. I am enjoying Glen Beck front for the Koch for Cruz. They are trying to avoid a brokered convention. But they are in a 3 way war.But here the macine is dying . The unions beat Rauner and its time to keep pushing to put that x through both of them.

  2. I was going to wear all black today, but I settled for deep dark blue on account of getting to say adios to Alvarez. At least that was one bright spot in an otherwise dismal morning waking up to Hillary v. Trump.

  3. I think it’s Hillary v Chaos. Romney is going to nominate Ryan….Glen Beck and the Koch brothers are going to flip when it’s stolen from Cruz…that is why Is such Is in. And we know Trump will go nuts. Look we did great here last night. Bernie tied after being down 20 points. We have a progressive force now in the only party that may survive next year. All Rauner has is 3 state rep wins….one over Trump and I think we can get that seat in Nov. One over Edgar an old gov from now 20 years ago with no money and one against a union backed candidate. Just one minor union loss. Mell may lose. Don’t wear black today . We live to fight another day. Rauner has not issues a statement which says volumes about how he is feeling. In illinois I would say he is the Koch faction. What is left of the establishment ..Edgar..is aginst him. And then three is the Trump faction.

    1. Right, and no Democrats took a Republican ballot and voted for Trump, did they?

      This meme that people voting for Bernie are Republicans in disguise is getting really old and stale. You know that Congressional Black Caucus PAC (not the actual Congressional Black Caucus, mind you) that endorsed Hillary? Funded by a bunch of right-wingers. Big surprise. So which candidate is really a Republican in disguise?

      The majority of people not registered as Democrats who voted for Sanders are independents who are so far to Hillary’s left that she can’t even see them (nor does she care to), so she and her loyal minions assume they must be right-wingers, which is problematic because there isn’t a whole lot of room to Hillary’s right.

      1. Dienne,

        I work in a school district where the majority of parents are Republican and wealthy, or at least upper middle class, if that still exists. My middle schoolers “voted” on Tuesday. Bernie Sanders won by a landslide, followed very distantly by Ted Cruz. Since kids hear their parents talking at home, I think many of my students voted based on what they heard at home. This “meme” seems to have some legs. Trump is a nut. The other Republicans are limping along. Sanders was safer to vote for than Clinton.

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