Chicago’s Tuesday vote. Data.

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Aaron Goldstein. New Democratic Committeeman of the 33rd Ward.

In this morning’s interview with Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed, defeated Democratic Party boss Dick Mell anticipated his loss.

“I know I’m a dinosaur. I don’t tweet, or do Facebook, or do Instagram. My grandchildren are more tech savvy than I am. I don’t read blogs by individuals who sit and don’t go out in the world doing anything positive. But the ward has changed. Yuppies. Hipsters. I had no intention of running last time except I wanted to make sure Jaime Andrade Jr. become our state representative.”

While I am glad to see Boss Mell beaten, it saddens me that his last wish was accomplished and that his former Chief of Staff and gofer of 17 years was re-elected to the state General Assembly.

Attorney Aaron Goldstein has declared victory in the race against Mell for Democratic Committeeman. There are absentee ballots still to count and Dick Mell has never seen an election he hasn’t tried to steal.

If Aaron says he won, he won.

I’m not sure how some can now say they are happy about Aaron winning after having supported Andrade.

I will join Aaron in declaring victory. Talking by phone with Aaron this morning, he assures me his people will be watching the absentee count like hawks.

If you are a retiree and a political junkie like me, you spend the days after an election looking at the data.

Be sure to check out the maps in Chicago Magazine. They are a great visualization of the Sanders and Clinton votes, where they came from and the margin of victory in each ward.

Visit the Chicago Board of Elections website. It ain’t pretty. But there’s lots to look at.

When I was teaching, one of the processes we used to look at the data was to just lay different kinds of data on the table and make observations about it. We just let the data (and it wasn’t just numbers) speak to us.

One of the things I noticed was that of the ten Chicago wards with the lowest turnout, nine went for Sanders.

Those would be the 12th, 14th, 22nd, 23rd, 30th, 31st, 33rd, 35th, and 36th.

This I know. You can’t win elections if you can’t get out your vote.

2 Replies to “Chicago’s Tuesday vote. Data.”

  1. So the conclusion is that Hillary didn’t win those districts because the turnout was low? I am truly confused. As I am not a city person, I do not know anything about those wards or their makeup. Is there anything else about those wards that would tell us why more of their residents who were Bernie supporters voted? Are the wards more anti-Hillary than pro-Bernie? Just ruminating. As far as I am concerned, Bernie won in Illinois. Hillary barely topped Bernie in her home state!!!

    1. No. Bernie didn’t win because wards where he did well didn’t turn out to vote. Nine wards that were strong Bernie Sanders wards had the lowest turnout in the city. As far as you are concerned Bernie may have won. But that’s not what the final count shows. Hillary won Illinois by just over 30,000 votes. If those nine wards had the highest turnout instead of the lowest turnout, he would have carried the entire state. It is, in part, a reflection of the weakness in Bernie’s GOTV organization in the city, that Bernie Sanders lost a state he could have won.

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