IEA’s Cinda Klickna hails victory of Stand for Children’s legislator.


The night I yelled at Christian Mitchell (center) at The Hideout for stealing public employee pensions. The IEA gave him $35,000 for his latest campaign.

In an email letter from Illinois Education Association President Cinda Klickna, two names stick out.

One name sticks out for being included.

One name sticks out for being absent.

Says Klickna: Tuesday’s election results underscore what we’ve said many times: ‘Our opponents might have more money, but they don’t have what we have – people!'”

Well, true enough.

But one IEA endorsed candidate that got plenty of IEA money also got plenty of Stand for Children money.

“Rep. Christian Mitchell, D-Chicago, defeated Jay Travis in a rematch of their 2014 contest,” reports Klickna gleefully. 

State Representative Christian Mitchell is the single largest recipient of campaign contributions from Stand for Children in the legislature, as far as I can tell.

He might even be considered Stand for Children’s personal State Representative

Mitchell has received over $160,000 from Stand for Children and $35,000 from IPACE, the IEA political action fund.

For those who don’t recall, this is not the first time the IEA and SFC have worked together. They also worked collaboratively on Senate Bill 7 which limited teacher tenure and seniority rights and undermined teachers’ right to strike.

This kind of endorsement and expenditure is one reason that I have left IEA Retired and no longer contribute to IPACE.

What isn’t mentioned in Klickna’s email is the bang up job they did for their chosen presidential candidate.

Three weeks ago Hillary Clinton had a 20 point lead in Illinois in the polls.

But with IEA and Illinois Federation of Teachers’ support and money, that lead nearly disappeared. Clinton left Illinois with a 33,000 vote victory out of over a million votes cast. Plus one more delegate than Bernie Sanders.

It may seem that frequently an endorsement from these guys is the kiss of death.

Just ask Pat Quinn.

Too bad it wasn’t true for Mitchell.

2 Replies to “IEA’s Cinda Klickna hails victory of Stand for Children’s legislator.”

  1. I have a copy of Thomas Frank’s “What’s The Matter With Kansas?” which I’d gladly let Cinda K. read. Hopefully, Cinda would have enough insight and self-reflection to recognize that Tom Frank was writing about people like her who delude themselves into supporting troglodyte politicians and others who work against their interests.

    …Or is Cinda buying herself a lucrative state position? …Maybe a post-I.E.A. career with “Stand for Children?” Cinda’s “revolving door?”…Did she ever think big like becoming Clinton’s Secretary of Education where she can put her experience at shafting public education and teachers to use at a higher level? Naaah…those are too far fetched or overly conspiratorial. Besides, that position may be reserved for either Lily Eskelson Garcia or Randi Weingarten, depending on who has the better kissing ability. There’s also the position of Undersecretary of Education… We all know that ambition can be intoxicating. Sb 7, “Stand for Children,” Sb 2404, support for Kirk Dillard and Christian Mitchell… All sell-outs!!! What is really lurking in the enigmatic mind of Cinda Klickna?

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