5 Replies to “Wayne LaPierre will let you know.”

  1. Outside of large urban areas, the NRA and gunslingers rule. Any time Hillary or Barack make a speech, no matter what the topic, the crowds at gun shows surge. More guns are bought on those weekends than in any previous weekends. And it is building.

    I have seen so many folks in OK and TX with holsters and guns out in the open that no one in Chicago would believe possible. Walk into most diners and the guns are there. And that does not include the conceal and carry and the rifles in the pickups. They are armed and they are not giving up their weapons.

    I have no idea why they love their guns so much. But there are so many out there. And you do not get elected if you are against the NRA. Period. How this all happened is a mystery, even after listening to the PBS shows on the rise of the NRA.

  2. Pamela Haag’s book, The Gunning of America hits stores on April 19. I saw the author on CBS Sunday Morning last week, and the new book explains how guns went from just another tool like a plow, to being revered by a large number of the US population. Looking forward to reading it.

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