We get letters.


The Hitler thing is getting a little overdone.

– Anonymous

Dear Anon,

I thought it was done in 1945. Imagine my surprise!



When will you once again focus on PENSION PROBLEMS!!! All the rest of this is bull shit Fred!!!!

-Pension guy.

Dear Pension guy,

No. It’s time for March Madness.



Change the picture to Fred Klonsky, George Soros and Bill Ayers and the caption to “Trump will get to speak again when Bill, George and I say he’s allowed to speak again.”

-On the right

Dear OTR,

The next time Bill, George and I have our dinner meeting to plan things, I will share your opinion. And have George pick up the check. Or Bill.



Fred – thanks for delivering the nomination to DJT!! Oh – and say thanks to Comrade Ayers, too!

-Palling around with Sarah

Dear Palling around,

I don’t think you and DJT should be measuring the White House drapes just yet.



This guy is no prize for sure, but he has same rights as you to give long winded senseless speeches.


Dear Anon,

Well then he needs to show up. Apparently he is afraid of Chicago. Hasn’t he heard? There’s no violence here. Just ask Rahm.


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