Random thoughts. Talking heads.


Donald Trump drives the regular Republicans so crazy that it is hard for cable faux-news to get anybody from their regular stable of talking heads to speak on his behalf.

Politico reports:

But these days, with Trump steamrolling to the Republican nomination while so many party regulars oppose him, the cable networks have little choice but to look outside their comfort zone for speakers: They have almost endless hours of airtime to fill, and most of their regular conservative commentators – the ones kept on a retainer to be available at odd hours – are arrayed against the billionaire businessman.

Instead they fill hours with any right-wing Trump supporter they can find.

Now, true enough, this new crop of talking heads say dumb stuff.

Right-winger George Will on the other hand has been doing the cable and Sunday morning talk circuit for years. And this is what he had to say on Fox News Sunday:

“The problem is this,” Will told Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday. “Not only are his negatives at 61 percent — almost double his positives, they are at 32 percent — but he’s appealing entirely to white people.”

“[Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney] got 17 percent — that’s all — of the non-white vote,” he continued. “Trump, by every measure, would do worse than that. Which means he would not have to get just the 65 percent of the white vote to win that Ronald Reagan got, sweeping 49 states. He would have to get 70 percent of the white vote.”

Will concluded: “A, it won’t happen and B, it would destroy the Republican Party by making it the party of white people.

George Will is what passes for thoughtful commentary in comparison to the Trump supporters.

But scratch the surface and there is not much difference.

After fifty years of what the Republicans euphemistically call a Southern Strategy, George Will is worried that Trump will turn the GOP white.

Is he kidding?

Will praises Ronald Reagan, who started his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi as a racist signal to segregationists, for getting 65% of the white vote.

Will bemoans the fact that even Trump won’t do as well.

Listen George. Snow is white. Rice is white. The GOP is white. You guys are in a pickle and you want to blame it all on Trump. But you can’t pin the fact that the GOP is a white, racist, minority party on Donald Trump. He has found a home.

You and your bunch own that.

8 Replies to “Random thoughts. Talking heads.”

  1. What a choice!!
    A racist or a lying, cheating criminal that nobody trusts or believes.
    Pull the lever for Hilary and you are pulling the lever for Wall Street.
    Don’t hear you bitching about her $27,000,000 in income last year Fred, I think she should voluntarily redistribute as a show of good faith. She is a gold plated 1% ‘er.
    This country will be sorry with either one of them, and ever more sorry with the number 2 from either side. And I mean Number 2.


  2. It just the chickens coming home to roost……The NYT business section feature on Carrier explains how the esal economy was destroyed by these guys and now we have the email between tge Chinese and the Fed on how to create afake one with with market manipulation in part through the actions of Citadel. The Chinesebtook a hunk of ourreal economy but tried to do our 20th century in a decade. It seems to have failed…the pollution alone may gave finished them off. Well there doent look to be another China on the way and its an open qestion that an ecomomy that has depended on health care and fjnancial fraud can find its way back after having its manufacturing and educated systems looted by speculators.Anyway the death of tge Republican Party would be a hopeful start.

  3. The NYTimes article seems to show most of the workers don’t support Trumps ideas on bans on immigration, and most everything else he stands for except for one thing only. They agree with his ideas about companies exporting jobs, and that is clouding their judgement. These workers need to be re-directed to Bernie Sanders, who also wants jobs to stay here. Clinton’s “under my administration companies will pay a price” seems empty considering NAFTA was pushed and signed into law under Bill Clinton’s administration.

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