Art, Dreamers and Rep. Andrade.

This all started with a cartoon I did of Illinois State Representative Jaime Andrade and Machine Boss Dick Mell:

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 8.27.20 PM

Although my politics are serious, I am okay with some good natured fun, even with those I would never, ever, ever vote for. Especially for a good cause.

When Representative Andrade offered to make a $200 donation to the International Dreamers Scholarship Fund for a signed copy of the cartoon I drew of him and Dick Mell digging up dead voters, I quickly agreed.

The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund raises money to pay for undocumented students to attend college.

And in exchange, Andrade asked me to publicize a current bill, HB143 which allows Illinois tax payers to check off on their tax bill for the same purpose.

I quickly agreed.

The bill is currently in the Rules Committee and probably needs some help to move it along. An email to your state rep would be a good idea.

Meanwhile I am waiting for State Representative Andrade to send me verification of his contribution, or a check made out to me and I will forward it. And send him the signed copy of the cartoon.

There is one more week for readers to order one of my drawings from the show that Ellen Gradman and I had last month at the Uri-Eichen Gallery in Pilsen.

Those who ordered prints and sent me a check should receive their prints in the next few days and the donation has been made to the IDSF.

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