This morning I’m reading the early reports coming out of Brussels, Belgium.  It is too early to know how many were killed in the bombings.

One death would be too many.

I have no trouble visualizing the places where the bombings took place.

We were in Brussels this past summer. We flew out of the Brussels airport where one of the bombings took place. We walked by the subway station near NATO headquarters, the site of another.

It is no surprise that the demagogues have let not a second pass without using the tragedy for their own purposes.


“It’s going to get worse and worse. In my opinion, this is just the beginning. It will get worse and worse because we are lax and we are foolish — we can’t allow these people, at this point we cannot allow these people to come into our country. I’m sorry,” he said. “This is a story that just seems to be more and more happening and it’s really not very pretty to watch.”

“Those people.”

During our short time in Belgium we heard no shortage of racist and anti-Muslim sentiments from white Belgians. That was before the events in Paris and now in Brussels.

I can only imagine that Muslim citizens of Belgium, as well as immigrants, feel the need to keep a low profile right now.

Yesterday Trump was warmly greeted by the Zionist pro-Israel AIPAC. He was warmly greeted in spite of his history of anti-Semitism.

Washington – Proving his critics wrong once again, Donald Trump entered Tuesday an arena potentially packed with skeptical Jewish pro-Israel activists, and worked his magic on them.

Early warnings of protests and boycotts turned out to be overstated, as Trump, in his first teleprompter-read speech on the campaign trail, threw out one applause line after the other, ranging from criticism of the nuclear deal with Iran to direct attacks at President Obama.

And all in his signature Trump style.

Hillary Clinton spoke before Trump and gave a saber-rattling, pro-war speech that could only have been ghost written by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Indeed, at a time of unprecedented chaos and conflict in the region, America needs an Israel strong enough to deter and defend against its enemies, strong enough to work with us to tackle shared challenges and strong enough to take bold steps in the pursuit of peace.


That’s why I believe we must take our alliance to the next level. I hope a new 10-year defense memorandum of understanding is concluded as soon as possible to meet Israel’s security needs far into the future.

What is “the next level”? 

When it suits Clinton’s election agenda, she suggests that she is the third term of President Obama.

But when pandering to AIPAC, she is quick to attack the recent agreements with Iran.

In a dangerous world, it is a dangerous game these two are playing.

5 Replies to “Brussels.”

  1. The present-day, worldly situations, that are occurring around the globe and here at home, have a lot of parallels to a book called “The Shock Doctrine / The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”, written by Naomi Klein.

  2. Fred,
    Don’t worry so much. I’m sure that if either one of them were in office this would not have happened, if you don’t believe me just ask them.


  3. Here is why I like Bernie:

    Sanders expounds on Israel-Palestine policy while campaigning in Utah…Washington Post:
    “Bernie Sanders pledged Monday that if elected president he would be ‘a friend not only to Israel but to the Palestinian people’ … ‘Peace has to mean security for every Israeli from violence and terrorism,’ Sanders said during a speech here. ‘But peace also means security for every Palestinian.’”

  4. Truth is there are far more killings committed by our own so called Nationalized / American Citizens on a daily basis. Call them hate crimes based on race or call them crimes against humanity people are dying in great numbers right here right now in America by the hand of Americans.

  5. Vetted story from former Clinton staffer about being called “an effing kike” by Hillary, with no apology given.
    Yet another example of a two-faced politician (who claims she is NOT a politician, when she is questioned about her likeability & trustworthiness issues w/the public).

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