End edTPA in New York state.


Hi Mr. Klonsky,

I am a student in a teacher certification program at CUNY Queens College in NY. Over the past few weeks I have been trying to mobilize a student movement against the edTPA. Six days ago I wrote a petition and have just over 500 supporters. The faculty at my university will be taking this petition to Albany. With the recent change in leadership at the Board of Regents we are optimistic about ending the use of the edTPA as a certification requirement in NY. 

I came across your blog today, and it seems you have actively opposed use of the exam in Illinois. We are looking for more support and wonder if this is something you might consider sharing with your community and followers. Although it is a petition aimed at Albany, we hope that we can set the precedent for change in other states as well. 

This is a link to my petition: 


Many thanks and all the best!

Zoe Spanos

4 thoughts on “End edTPA in New York state.

  1. The New York Senate does not determine teacher certification exam policy. The NYS Board of Regents set this policy.

    1. Hi Dwight,
      Thanks for your comment! Initially the movement was focused on writing individual letters of opposition to our local representatives. When I started the petition on change.org I included the senate, house, education task force, regents, and the commissioner to raise awareness. Regents was always included, but I had removed the chancellor because of the change in leadership last week. Thank you for reminding me to update this section of the petition.

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