AIPAC forced to apologize for Trump and reception he received.


AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the pro-Israel lobby, invited Donald Trump to speak to their conference on Monday.

Naturally, on Tuesday they had to apologize for what Trump said.

They must have had the apology written ahead of time. Could they have been surprised? That would be like pretending to be shocked by something my Uncle Al said at Thanksgiving dinner when I was a kid.

That was Uncle Al. What would you expect?

Give Trump some credit. It takes a lot to embarrass AIPAC. After all, his speech was warmly received by those attending the conference.

What they didn’t apologize for was Hillary Clinton’s speech at the conference.

Yet it was in many ways worse than Trump .

Salon accurately described it as craven, delusional pandering.

Leo Casey, the Executive Director of the American Federation of Labor’s Albert Shanker Institute, took to Twitter to correct me after I said the Clinton’s speech distanced her from Obama’s Iran agreements.

Sorry, Leo. I didn’t find it hard to read the subtext of her remarks. She promised a military attack on Iran if she, as president, decided Iran violated any part of the agreements.

Clinton has always been hungry for war with Iran.

Leo is AFT President Randi Weingarten’s apologist and front man, so I imagine he was speaking for her.

Although Randi, who tweets Clinton praises every 30 seconds, has made no mention of Clinton’s speech before AIPAC. As if it never happened.


5 Replies to “AIPAC forced to apologize for Trump and reception he received.”

  1. Am a wrong–but didn’t Hillary Clinton receive a ton of “campaign money” from AIPAC?
    Thanks in part to Hillary we have a mess in Libya And no doubt,under her leadership we can see an intensified Middle East war But she has her supporters for a continuation of nation-building, including support apparently from some of the neocons who supported Bush invading Iraq

  2. “Give Trump some credit. It takes a lot to embarrass AIPAC.”

    *Smirks* But honestly, that’s part of his appeal. The man terrifies me but even I have to admire him in a perverse way for letting it all hang out. Certainly can’t accuse Trump of being overly controlled by focus groups (unlike the likely Democratic nominee).

  3. I heard a big part of Hillary’s speech and was also struck by the strident rhetoric and tone. For good reason, it troubled me. Bernie decided not to attend. Though I was uneasy about Hillary’s speech, I’m even more uneasy with the thought that a President Trump or a President Cruz would have the nuclear access codes.

  4. @Earl: You are, in fact, wrong. AIPAC is not a political action committee; it does not give and has not given campaign contributions to candidates or office holders, be they D or R. The “PAC” in AIPAC stands for Public Affairs Committee.

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