Another day. Another Illinois Supreme Court ruling on public employee pension benefits.



Tomorrow, Thursday, the Illinois Supreme Court has scheduled to announce its ruling on the latest attempt at stealing the contractual benefits of public employees.

In November, Chicago argued before the ISC that the law affecting its municipal and laborers’ retirement systems actually benefited workers and retirees by taking steps to avoid insolvency for the funds.

The city pension theft was passed by the Illinois legislature at Rahm’s request.

It would allegedly boost employee and city contributions, but cut retiree benefits.

Under the law, no longer would employees receive post retirement pension increases as contractually promised.

Last year the Illinois Supreme Court ruled on Senate Bill 1, which cut benefits to state employees and teachers.

The court ruled that the Illinois Constitution’s pension protection clause would be violated by any reduction in contractual benefits.

    Membership in any pension or retirement system of the
State, any unit of local government or school district, or
any agency or instrumentality thereof, shall be an
enforceable contractual relationship, the benefits of which
shall not be diminished or impaired.

I do not expect the court will rule differently tomorrow.

4 Replies to “Another day. Another Illinois Supreme Court ruling on public employee pension benefits.”

  1. We hope Fred…with age and experiences of all kinds, mistrust of anything pertaining to fairness or “doing the right thing” becomes mighty hard to swallow. April 1st I will begin my 13th year of retirement. Neither my brothers and sisters nor myself have become rich in this. The 3% cola always kept us a little ahead (depending on title and earnings at retirement) of our monthly health care contribution. Our own pension board (which is rigged with city hall suits and a now a backstabbing union who bows to the tutu boy from wilmette) has sided with the city lawyers to paint a picture of us as fat cats on the taxpayers dime because of this 3% cola. But they don’t mention another lawsuit we have going that another promised benifit is being greatly raised monthly and in 2017 will be gone. That is our health care. They act as if they have given us riches when in fact they never mention how much they have raised our healthcare since 2013. I was paying 688. per month for 2 non medicare whereas now I pay 1,812. per month for 2 non medicare. And this is our last year of any healthcare. But hot damn we are getting rich over that 3% according to the city. That healthcare increase is over 1,100. per month more in 2.5 years. As it stands right now if we lose Thursday ruling in my instance I will be making less per month net than I was netting in 2004, 13 years ago. Yes city lawfirm and pension board we retirees are rolling in taxpayers money.

    1. I hear you, Pasqual, my healthcare premiums are identical to yours. It amounts to be about 30% of my pension. Add in co-pays and out of pocket expenses it could be 40%. Luckily I was a tradesman so it is not quite as brutal as some people with lesser pensions. I know a guy I worked with and he said it equals 55% of his pay. Of course though we are fat cat public employees….Right. That being said Krislov Law is handling the class action lawsuit against the city and appears the Judge Cohen has agreed that retirees who started before 1989 are entitled to lifetime health benefits but at what cost and when since the city keeps delaying. Apparently a ruling is not expected for another 4 to 5 months and maybe not even until next year when city has said it will no longer offer benefits. We may be forced into Obamacare. Good Luck with that. The co-pays and deductibles are so outrageous that would have to have cancer before it pays for anything. Well, it is widely expected that the SC will have a favorable ruling in the case of the COLA since they have already ruled in favor of state employees. But, hell, this is Ilinois and anything can happen…………….Fred, a 100 words or so, heh……LOL

  2. These fools don’t want to give up. A somewhat similar issue is taking place in the state of Vermont where the citizens were in favor of having genetically modified foods (GMO’s) labeled. Vermont citizens took the issue to the ballot. The people voted, and it became law. So as of July 1, 2016, the providers of food in the state of Vermont have to label it to make the consumer aware if it has GMO’s. One of the largest food providers, Campbell’s Soup, said that changing the labels would not present a major problem and stated that they would comply.

    However, some of our greedy Senators in Congress led by Pat Roberts (R-Kan) recently tried to initiate an Act commonly referred to as the DARK Act. If this act passed it would have completely overruled the law that the Vermont citizens voted for. So in essence what this means is that despite what the citizens of the state have voted for, it won’t matter if these greedy corrupt Senators pass this DARK Act.

    Last week, the DARK Act was narrowly defeated by one vote. But before the July 1 law goes into effect, Pat Roberts and his band of sell-outs are planning one more attempt at rewording the DARK Act so it can nullify the law that the people of the state of Vermont voted for. These vultures just keep going back trying to get their way. The situation with our pensions here in Illinois is similar in that the corrupt ones don’t want to quit despite the fact that they were told what has been written into law must stand.

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