9 Replies to “26,000 sign a petition demanding right to bear arms at the GOP convention.”

  1. Can you imagine how some Trump or Cruz supporters would feel if their preferred candidate didn’t win the Presidential nomination? Glad guns don’t kill people. [How crazy can people get? If 26,000 are ‘packing heat’, I’m sure we’d find out.]

    This is beyond bizarre. Republicans need their guns.

  2. If everybody knows everybody else is carrying who would shoot?
    Oh, wait, they’re all nuts.
    What could possibly go wrong?


  3. This is more information on the subject of guns in the Quicken Loans Arena and came from FoxNews:
    “The group has a list of demands for the convention.

    First, the group wants the arena to suspend its open-carry ban during the convention. The group then wants the NRA has to condemn Ohio’s law banning guns in some public places.

    “Policies of the Quicken Loans Arena do not supersede the rights given to us by our Creator in the U.S. Constitution,” the petition reads.

    Americans For Responsible Open Carry also want presidential contender Ohio Gov. John Kasich to use his executive power to override the so-called gun-free zone loophole in Ohio’s law. RNC Chairman Reince Preibus also must explain how “a venue so unfriendly to Second Amendment rights was chosen for the Republican Convention and have a backup plan to move the site if the group’s demands aren’t met.

    Finally they call for the three other candidates to pressure the GOP to protect the Second Amendment.

    Ohio is an open-carry state, but they are not permitted in the Statehouse and even if concealed, could be banned by businesses and property owners, according to the Beacon-Journal.

    Quicken Loans Arena forbids guns and weapons of any kind from “heavily attended” events.”

    1. Nice to know that the “Creator” wrote the Constitution. Or did those gun tottin’ gops get their religion and their guns all confused again? I foresee only mayhem and chaos in Cleveland. Can’t wait to see this convention on TV.

  4. This is one and maybe the only time that I support “packing heat.” Maybe they’lll do the sane among us a big favor by reducing their ranks. That’s probably the most patriotic thing that they can do for our country. Republicans were never good at irony, but they’re the summa cum laude experts at hypocrisy.

    1. I wonder what Darwin said about de-evolution. If he could only return…… Your thoughts were right on the money. Made me chuckle.

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