Chicago Strike Day. Thousands in the Loop. “Don’t fall for the okey doke,” warns President Lewis.

All photos: Fred Klonsky

IMG_2415Hundreds marched, rallied in Logan Square and rode the Blue Line to the rally in the Loop.

IMG_2417IMG_2421IMG_2422IMG_2427IMG_2428IMG_2430So many thousands rallied at the Thompson Center in the Loop that they filled the side streets, closing them down.IMG_2431IMG_2442Chicago Progressive Aldermen Rick Munoz and Scott Waguespack.

IMG_2444IMG_2447CTU President Karen Lewis spoke and asked why those a few blocks away on LaSalle Street couldn’t pay their share. “Don’t fall for their old okey doke,” she warned the crowd.

2 Replies to “Chicago Strike Day. Thousands in the Loop. “Don’t fall for the okey doke,” warns President Lewis.”

  1. A retired CTU friend & I (suburban retired teacher) made the 4 PM rally (she & her husband had also attended the rally at Northeastern earlier in the day). It’s been a gargantuan turn-out, garnering national news time and positive response–even on Chicago Tonight.
    For the kids!

  2. Retired but still subbing at my school. Spent over 2 hours with my teacher friends on Cicero Ave. in the rain. We really did get a lot of love/honks/thumbs UP from the cars, trucks, busses, police, fire, etc. My throat is sore and my voice is raspy but it was worth it. Chicago seems to realize that things are not right on any level thanks to the mayor and arrogant governor. We made our point.

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