Chicago strike day.


North Grand High School this morning.

CPS CEO Forrest Claypool made an announcement that nobody was waiting to hear.

He said that no teachers would be punished for walking picket lines today.

It wouldn’t have mattered.

This morning, teachers are walking picket lines at their schools.

Bogan High School, 3939 West 79th St.  and will march to  Illinois Department of Rehab Services office at 7600 South Pulaski to demand the state fund the program.

The death of public higher education in Illinois will be mourned with a New Orleans-style funeral march at Northeastern University at 10 AM. AFT President Randi Weingarten has said she will attend.

At noon there will be a protest at Chicago State on the south side, where faculty and students were told to hand in their keys last week due to Governor Rauner’s cuts and the loss of half the teaching positions. Karen Lewis and the Rev. Jesse Jackson will speak.

Also at 10AM pickets will target the luxury hotel TIF recipient of $55 million at McCormick Place, corner of Cermak and Wabash

Nabisco workers will be protesting the shifting of jobs from their plant on South Kedzie to Mexico.

At 11 SEIU-Child care and early learning workers from centers and home child care providers, CTU and other partners have organized a  speak-out at Montefiore (1301 S Ashland) with CTU. Montefiiore has been closed by CPS. The Speak-out will be followed by a children’s march/action on Bank of America  at 1212 S Ashland.

The school to prison pipeline will be the target of protests at the Illinois Youth Center on the west side and at Cook County Jail at 25th and California.

Westside Accountability Chapter of Democracy for America and Increase the Harvest will support Chicago Teachers Union with a rally at Emmett Elementary School to show the disinvestment in public education on the West Side of Chicago.

Fight for Fifteen activists will be at the McDonalds in North Park.

Students at Loyola, the University of Illinois Chicago and the University of Chicago have rallies planned on their campuses.

Brighton Park Neighborhood Council will conduct a teach-in at the richest man in Illinois’ (Ken Griffin) office, Citadel 1S. Dearborn.

Alliance for Human Services will do an action at the Illinois Department of Human Services, 401 S Clinton to demand revenue. Workers will then march to the Thompson Center with a stop off at JP Morgan Chase to demand that they not fund the JDL project and they find low cost housing and that they renegotiate any toxic swaps they may be involved in.

North west siders will march down Milwaukee Avenue and gather at the Logan Square monument and ride the Blue Line to the giant rally at the Thompson Center which begins at 4PM.

It should be expected that downtown Loop rush hour will be disrupted.

4 Replies to “Chicago strike day.”

    1. I was being provincial. That’s Northeastern Illinois University (NIU) on Chicago’s north west side. Many teachers went to school there.

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