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Photo: Fred Klonsky

“His gains with men have been neutralized with women,” Mr. Greenberg said of Mr. Trump. “There’s no play here. The math just doesn’t work.”

Nationally, Mrs. Clinton leads Mr. Trump by about 10 percentage points in most head-to-head polls — the widest margin at this point in a presidential campaign in 16 years.

If Mrs. Clinton somehow loses the Democratic race — unlikely given her delegate advantage — Mr. Trump could fare even worse in a general election against Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who has higher margins than Mrs. Clinton in head-to-head polling against Mr. Trump in most swing states. NY Times



There’s no particular reason to think that Claypool is correct in calling the strike illegal, but that’s not the ballsy part of his action. That’s the part where Claypool also announced that he wants CTU to reimburse the district for the costs of the strike. This is not just bizarrely audacious in its refusal to take any responsibility for the issues in Chicago schools. It is not just strikingly wrongheaded because CPS should have been out on the street with the teachers, demanding that the state provide Chicago schools with the resources they’re supposed to have. It’s not just a plate of unvarnished baloney because CTU could head off its labor issues by dealing with its teachers fairly and decently.

No, what raises the baloney bar here is that April 1st is not the first “unscheduled” day off in the past several weeks, because CPS has instituted a series of three “furlough” days-– days on which it will shut down schools, dock teachers pay, and leave students and families to their own devices. In other words, a furlough day is exactly like a strike day– only called by the district instead of the union. Curmudgucation



Oh, that goofy Peter Cunningham.


“WITH THE WORLD EXPLODING around me, how am I supposed to keep singing love songs?” Marvin Gaye asked himself, according to biographer David Ritz, in 1965 after hearing a DJ interrupt his song “Pretty Little Baby” with news of the Watts riots in Los Angeles.

It took almost six years – and a few love songs, including his first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” – but Gaye finally responded to the violent upheaval taking place in America with “What’s Going On,” a social and political meditation that was a far cry from the polished pop and R&B tunes that defined his career in the 1960s. Billboard



6 Replies to “Sunday pics, posts and tweets.”

  1. Stop lying about 4/1being a lost day of instruction. It was a lost day of PARCC testing.

    So – is assessment part of teaching? Did you ever grade your art students? Based on what data? What if I didn’t like the methodology you used, like you don’t like PARCC?

    Is teacher evaluation a valid part of education? How were you evaluated (or weren’t you – being a Union boss)? Is student achievement/improvement a valid component of teacher assessment? If not, what should teacher assessment be about? Union Membership?

    Just asking; don’t expect answers – I think I know what yours are.

    1. 1. Of course assessment is a part of teaching. Standardized tests like the PARCC have very little to do with teaching and learning. They are neither valid nor reliable. PARCC is created by those far from the teaching and learning process and the results are of little use for either assessing learning or improving teaching.
      2. I graded my art students as little as possible. I gave them lots of feedback and encouragement with an understanding that assigning a score or a letter grade to their work provided neither useful feedback or encouragement.
      3. It is not a matter of *liking* a methodology. Everything about teaching and learning should be morally and educationally defensible. More than anything else, teaching is a moral act with a moral purpose.
      4. However you propose to evaluate a teacher, it is not morally or educationally defensible to do it based on the individual test scores of their students based on one set of tests.
      5. Teacher assessment, like evaluating all the social work people do, should be based on a conversation among those involved. And yes, union membership provides a way to have that conversation based on the collective bargaining process. In my district, for example, we spent several years developing a process with our board and administration for evaluating, improving or dismissing employees that was fair, required documentation, and meant that our district had a high quality staff of empowered teachers and administrators. Once Illinois adopted a state-wide evaluation system as demanded by Arne Duncan and the Department of Education, our local evaluation system had to be thrown out.

  2. Since the ILRB is stocked with Rauner appointees, Claypool is sure (100% he says) he will get his way. So it all goes to court. The demand for reimbursements from CTU will either end up in court or be negotiated away at the bargaining table. Just another barrier Forrest puts up to resolve issues.

    Furlough days and action days are nothing compared to the other 185 or so days with kids in school without art, computer, library, gym, certified teachers in classrooms instead of long term subs, ad nauseum. Or we could talk about the large class sizes that CTU is prevented to negotiate. Why doesn’t the press in this city start talking about the real issues, highlighted by the action day, instead of all this silly stuff. Talk about failure to do their due diligence.

  3. The 1-day strike was not illegal. CPS violated the law by regressive bargaining. CPS first offered to extend the contract with the CTU for one year. The CTU agreed to the extension, but CPS then said NO, we now want draconian cuts to pay, pension contributions, health insurance, and working conditions among other things. The CTU had the strike authorization vote and gave the required notice they could go on strike months ago.
    Teachers and their unions never want to call a strike, they are forced to do so as a last resort by CPS, Rahm, and Rauner.

  4. Great tweet, Karen! My thoughts exactly.
    Parents, kids, community members, retired educators & anyone else–the next march–Summer, 2016–takes place at Pear$on, Glenview. I’m a big–& said so from the beginning–proponent of the Opt-Out Movement (which will be even bigger this year! Kudos to parents & kids!)–but we still have all these hours, days & months of test prepping–not teaching.
    Plus, when will the investigation (& prosecution of those responsible) of the $160 milliion, 4-year, NO BID (illegal!) contract w/Pear$on begin?
    More people than B3 should be going to jail/making restitution.
    A $hame & a $ham!

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