Urgent. Act now. edTPA rule change.


State Representative Linda Chapa La Via is a sponsor of HB 6128, rule changes to edTPA.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 5, the Illinois House of Representative’s Elementary and Secondary Education: Licensing Oversight Committee will hold a hearing to consider HB 6128. 

HB 6128, sponsored by Rep Linda Chapa LaVia and Kelly Burke would move the required evidence-based assessment of teacher effectiveness (currently the edTPA™) out of student teaching and into the first two years of teaching on a provisional license. If successful, the bill would:

·         Remove the burden of the edTPA from student teaching, student teachers, and cooperating teachers.

·         Put Illinois candidates on equal footing with out of state candidates who currently are allowed to teach on a provisional license and given up to two years to pass the edTPA™  in their own classrooms

·         Compel ISBE to open the discussion about which evidence-based assessment should be adopted in Administrative Rules to satisfy the law in Illinois and when it must be passed.

Please complete an online Witness Slip as a proponent of HB6128 before the hearing begins tomorrow at 9 a.m., which will urge members of the committee to support the bill.  Wording of the bill and its summary are currently being amended to more accurately reflect our goals from what’s online.  We have attached both the original and revised versions of the bill, as well as a Statement of Explanation for you to review.

Here is the link to the online witness slip for tomorrow’s hearing:


It’s critically important for the House committee members to know you support the bill.  Please submit an electronic Witness Slip today and spread the word.


Julie Peters and Larry Sondler

Illinois Coalition for edTPA™ Rule Change



11 thoughts on “Urgent. Act now. edTPA rule change.

  1. Kelly Burke blithely agreed that the State of Illinois and their lack of fulfilling their obligations caused the pension crisis , and then voted to take it out on teachers? No thank you. She now asks teachers to trust her. I do not and never will.

    1. To be clear, Jean. This has nothing to do with our pensions. Or trust. Or Kelly Burke. Other than that she is a co-sponsor of the edTPA rule change bill. People involved with edTPA in Illinois support this bill and so do I. And I urge readers of this blog to send in witness slips in support of the rule change.

  2. this “pass the trash” game is one of the worst ideas I’ve heard recently. READ Diane Ravitch’s blog about the edTPA and the many comments that demonstrate how destructive and useless it is in the teacher ed context. It would take less than six months for schools and teachers to be driven crazy by the implementation of this proposal. It will simply drive more teachers out of the classroom and/or dissuade them from entering.

  3. As a step to give time to get rid of it, yes, but chances are any support for the change will be seen as support for the edTPA. College programs will still have to teach to it, but their graduates will no longer even have the limited support they have been allowed to give (although no one seems quite sure how much help they can give). On the one hand we have people pushing inexperienced five week wonders into the classroom and dismissing the value of teaching degree. On the other hand the push for more and more rigorous and punitive requirements for teachers who have gone the traditional route is on.

  4. Does this bill go far enough? Is edTPA really needed at all? I would like to see edTPA abolished entirely and Pearson’s involvement ended. Will this bill be a step in that direction?

  5. I believe this is a terrible move for education. First and Second year teachers are overwhelmed as it is without adding this to their plate. As a bargaining member, I can see the schools trying to negotiate a lower salary for teachers who are not “certified” yet to teach. My principal has already stated that she will never hire a provisional teacher. If the students need more time to do the edTPA- start it earlier in their college careers. This would make a teaching degree a 6 year commitment and drive more students out of the teaching field.

  6. Get rid of edTPA. Student teaching has plenty commitments now as it is. Why should these students have to add this to their plate also? This is just another way of driving people out of the education field, not to mention how much edTPA costs – outrageous. Pearson needs to go!

  7. Currently, Illinois teacher candidates have an advantage over out of state candidates as they can earn their professional educators license straight out of college as opposed to the out of state candidates who can only be given a provisional license without passing edTPA. This bill would eliminate that advantage by making all initial licensure “provisional”, which is a bad idea on many different levels. While it is stressful, many Illinois universities have spent the last 4 years building supportive edTPA infrastructure and our alumni are reporting that edTPA completion is preparing them for their teacher evaluations. They feel less stressed during their first year of teaching when it comes to the evaluation process. Furthermore, Illinois teacher preparation programs are using edTPA data to improve their preparation of teachers, something we haven’t been able to do with other state-mandated assessments.

    In terms of Pearson, the company owns and writes all the exams for the entire Illinois Licensure Testing System except for edTPA. That is owned and controlled by Stanford University. Pearson provides the platform by which scorers are connected to portfolios to score. In fact, edTPA replaced a Pearson-owned standardized exam, the Assessment for Professional Teaching (APT).

  8. I would like to see and have someone evaluate the claim: “Furthermore, Illinois teacher preparation programs are using edTPA data to improve their preparation of teachers, something we haven’t been able to do with other state-mandated assessments.”

    There is an infinite number of ways to interrogate and challenge this claim and others like it. Beware claims such as “research shows.’ This is the first lesson I taught my credential candidates. Beware.

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