Creative writing.


Allison Bates, Ben Joravsky, Erika Wozniak and Mick Dumke.

I went to the Hideout last night for First Tuesday with Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke.

Their guests were teachers, Allison Bates and Erika Wozniak.

Joravsky has written important stories about both of them.

I didn’t see him, but it seems Peter Cunningham was also in the audience engaging in creative writing in his tweets.

Peter is the charter loving, union hating guy behind Education Post (no link from me), which is well-funded by fat pocket corporatist education reformers.

So, I see his tweet from First Tuesday.

That was supposed to be a quote from Allison.

As quotes go that would be like someone saying, “I had a great day at the beach until I was swept away by a giant tsunami.”

And then tweeting it as, “I had a great day at the beach.”

Allison went on to describe the low pay, obsession with test scores and other conditions typical of charters.

None of which was mentioned by Cunningham.

As soon as Allison won her grievance against CPS for putting her on the Do Not Hire list, she left the charter school she was at and is now back at CPS in a neighborhood school.

I engaged Cunningham about his creative writing. I tweeted back the rest of what Allison said.

But here is the problem. When you do engage Cunningham about his BS, it suits him just fine because it gives him the visibility his funders desire. That’s the point of him posting his provocative creative writing.

What do you think? Engage or ignore?


11 Replies to “Creative writing.”

  1. Essay question for Fred-
    High school in high crime high poverty neighborhood. Has incredible success with student body in terms of graduation rates and continuing their education. Extensive extracurricular enrichment programs during school year and summer program. High level of community involvement by school and students. Numerous alums return after college to “give back”. Physical plant is pristine, No gang colors on campus. It’s a charter school, admission by lottery, except for siblings.

    Please discuss any negatives you see in above.


    1. It certainly doesn’t describe every charter school. It does describe many Chicago public schools. And it describes every public school where rich people send their kids.

    2. Well, it’s a charter school so it doesn’t have to take students from the immediate neighborhood and can kick students out if they don’t fit the program. The graduation rate is high, but the attrition rate is high as well. What does “numerous, college graduate alums” mean? Five? Ten? Twenty? How do they help out? No description of those enrichment and summer programs. Calling something “enriching” doesn’t make it so. Physical plant is pristine! Where did the money for that come from? No gang colors? Of course not! They don’t match the uniforms.

      I’m not saying the place isn’t akin to Heaven on earth, but the devil is in the details (that are not given).

  2. Ignore them. Read George Lakoff’s “Don’t Think of an Elephant…” When we think of some politicians, we often think of them favorably even though we know they are scoundrels because we see their images in our minds. Biss for example. Think of the many wonderful pictures of Rauner in our minds that have come from blogs. Unintentional favor.

    And in the campaign against Scott Walker, they put whole billboards up with his picture on them. True, the text said to vote him out, but that isn’t what people take away from the billboard. They take into the voting booth the image of Scott Walker from the billboard and support this “important” guy.

    Unless you are going to do something horrible to the image like John Dillon did on one of his blogs to Rauner’s image, the image favors these guys.

    You, Glen, John. When you put these images on your blogs, you do these guys a favor. Unless it is a regrettable image, like Michael Dukakis sticking his head out of a tank, like Snoopy.

    Or Elaine Nekritz’s image you use in your blog. Great one that. Looks like a Wicked Witch.

    Look up Nancy Grace’s images on Google. There is one where someone used photoshop to enlarge and darken her nostrils. It makes her so ugly, it is hard to get out of your mind. And back then the Repubs put pictures of Michael Dukakis on their lit with the camera aimed at one of his nostrils. And there is a parody image of George Bush 1 and his Vice President Dan Quayle in American Gothic. Bush is the man and the woman is Quayle. Since being a girl is an insult in our culture, it skewers Quayle in a memorable way. Lakoff I’m sure would approve. Dillion used Zombie software on Rauner. Unforgettable. Otherwise, leave any pictures of these guys out of your blogs or you are unintentionally doing them a favor. Recently Trump posted a picture of Heidi Cruz that got a lot of coverage. That is what people are going to remember, that horrible picture. Cruz is done with that one. Pat Herrmann

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  3. Dear Fred,

    I think exposing the practice without publicizing (by naming) the culprit is a possible way to go. Advertise the victim by name and make the culprit battle to even own that he was the one committing the deception.

    They belong on defense, not offense.

  4. Continue to post the BS and his agenda. Don’t mention his name.
    It just encourages the BS. Prostitutes are like that. “Call me whatever you want, but call me often.”

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