We get letters.


I can understand why the young people are going for Bernie – all that free stuff is overwhelmingly tempting, and they haven’t the maturity and education (thanks to NEA) to understand that someone (not them, of course) has to pay for it, and that robbing the community of the motivation to be productive is ultimately bad for everyone.

You, on the other hand, know all of that. You are not interesting in raising up the poor – you simply want to destroy the Middle Class so we can ALL be equally miserable – waiting in USSR-style block-long food lines. Except that once all the wealth is “re-distributed”, and the motivations to produce are gone, there will remain the Party Elites, who will then enjoy the Power that replaces wealth. It may very well happen (your Alinsky-worshipping NEA minions have certainly been working at long enough), and your grandchildren will thank you for it, I’m sure.


Dear Akvida,

Um. The socialist, Alinsky-workshipping, Bernie-loving NEA endorsed Hillary. 




Guv said he would raise taxes, what is the give on the other side?

As Royko would say Ubi Est Mea?


Dear Anon,

As Royko said, “Contrary to popular belief. It’s much wiser to take money from the poor than the rich.”



Hey Fred,

Just found out Ft. Wayne, Ind. schools did away with tenure… I think that would help Chicago!!!!

-Help is on the way.


I have a better idea. You move to Ft. Wayne.




Suppose you had to choose.

Would it be funding pensions or funding free college? Even you must realize that taxing the rich isn’t enough to do both those AND bail Illinois out of its multi-billion dollar debt.



No. Taxing the rich is enough to do both. 

Did you know that Ken Griffin just bought two paintings for half a billion dollars?

That would pay for most of the CPS debt this year.



There you go Fred.

Good job. Even in this article you managed to get your cheap shot at a cop. You’re getting the city you’ve been working so hard to destroy. Please do the cops a favor and don’t call them when you really need them. There are plenty of more appreciative tax paying citizens who actually support the police who deserve their protection.



Sure. You appreciate the cops except when they were having their pensions ripped off. Then not a word from you. Trust me. I was getting tons of supportive comments about pension theft from cops.

On the other hand, you support them when the city is paying hundreds of millions in penalties because of abusive cops.

I’m not that good a friend.

What a good friend of cops you are.


2 Replies to “We get letters.”

  1. Fred, would it be possible to do a post about Hillary’s $225,000 speech to the pro-charter Boston Consulting Group? A change.org petition is now up asking her to release the transcripts of her speech to them. Thanks

  2. Ann, there was a bad experience w/change.org a number of years ago–people who signed their petitions having to do with education had their names put on as members of Students First (Michelle Rhee’s DFER group, which NEVER put students first, but for Michelle–ka-ching!). One of these names was Diane Ravitch! After apologizing & promising that it wouldn’t happen again, it did. Since that time, I have NEVER trusted change.org (for all we know, the petition is just going back to the HRC Campaign, or to the BCG) Best to generate petitions on MoveOn.org (or SumofUs or, perhaps, Credo).

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