Is Chicago’s latest Red Squad headed by Michael Sacks, chairman and CEO of Grosvenor Capital Management?


News broke on Saturday (conveniently) that the Mayor’s first and immediate response to the release of the Laquan McDonald video was to send CPD spies out to the protests.

Nobody who has been involved in Chicago’s progressive and social justice movements for very long was surprised at this latest version of the notorious Chicago Red Squad.

Spying and far worse have been a trademark of Chicago city leaders since before the Haymarket.

Yet, this seems like a first.

We get accused of holding conspiracy theories when we suggest that the City works for the corporate elite. It seems rare that the corporate elite take direct and immediate control of the military police operations.

At 6:22 p.m. that day, Deal emailed the first in a series of updates on the Black Youth Project protest to Collins, chief of staff Mitchell, Guglielmi and others, including Michael Sacks, chairman of the investment firm GCM Grosvenor and one of Emanuel’s closest advisers and biggest campaign contributors.

So, the Mayor was reporting in real time directly to Michael Sacks.

You remember Michael Sacks.



6 thoughts on “Is Chicago’s latest Red Squad headed by Michael Sacks, chairman and CEO of Grosvenor Capital Management?

  1. I like the way that the notes emphasize the use of the word “redact”. Merriam Webster defines the term redact in this way: to select or adapt (as by obscuring or removing sensitive information) for publication or release. What’s wrong with presenting Mr. Cunningham-Cook the e-mails as they are, without having to “redact” anything?

  2. I think it shows some of the top are more worried about the destruction they have wrought than they let on. I was going through old notes from 1969 . We could not find workers downstate to work for 1.93 an hour with good health benefits. This is between 9 and 13 today.It was low skill …no high school for some jobs and unionized. Do you think it would be hard to find workers now?That is how far down we have come.That is why the guys that wrecked everything may finally be getting nervous.

  3. This reminded me of Tyrone Fahner’s signature on a full-page “document” co-signed by Mike Madigan (& John Cullerton, too, if recollection serves) in the Chicago newspapers, which had the seal of the State of ILL-Annoy. I believe it was regarding the “pension crisis” (ILL-Annoy, like Chicago, broke on purpose–except that the G.A. had approved spending $$$ on fixing up the capitol bldg.–remember those pricey new doors-?). My first thought, of course, was “What the hell is Fahner’s signature doing on a letter w/the state seal, since he hadn’t been an elected official for YEARS?!”
    Oh, well, if you have money, you also have clout, power & the authority to do anything, I guess, in Chicago & elsewhere in ILL-Annoy.

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