Illinois school funding. Special needs and Chicago take the hit.


Without significant revenue, education funding is all about cutting the slices of a very small pie into different sizes.

Governor Rauner is expected to make some new proposal today that is rumored to have his favorite target – Chicago Public Schools – take a $74 million dollar hit.

Nope. Wait.

CPS was not his favorite target when he contacted then CPS CEO Arne Duncan and had his daughter placed on the CPS clout list for Walter Payton. Rauner didn’t live in the city at the time.

But fave target now? Yes.

Meanwhile State Senator Andy Manar is again pursuing his plan for a new funding formula.

This is like the third sequel of Twilight.  It wasn’t a great idea to begin with that doesn’t get better the third – or fourth? I don’t know. – time around.

This version of Manar is rumored to send $200 million to Chicago for pension payments and another $100 million to downstate schools, but with just a few more added dollars to the overall state education budget, where is the money coming from if there is no serious addition to revenue?

It will come out of special education funding.

Well, that’s fair? Right.

Our new BFF, Speaker Michael Madigan is proposing a state Constitutional amendment that changes the words “primary school funding responsibility” to “preponderant school funding responsibility.”

In the past the courts have ruled that primary doesn’t mean, uh, primary. Our state continues to rank in negative numbers – like less than zero – when it comes to state funding of schools.

Illinois makes Mississippi look like Finland when it comes to funding schools.

Last year Madigan had the idea to put a tax on millionaires in the constitution. His proposal never got out of his House.

The House he is the Powerful Speaker of.

One Reply to “Illinois school funding. Special needs and Chicago take the hit.”

  1. Anything you can think of to punish Rahm and Karen eh Mr. Education governor.? You think the courts will grant you your prize of CPS control when they see your deliberate plan to push it into insolvency? Think again.

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