Special ed urgent action needed. File a witness slip.

slip (1)

-Bev Johns.

The attack on dedicated special education funding continues.

Late yesterday the Manar amendment to completely change how Illinois funds schools was assigned to the Illinois State Senate Executive Committee for a Hearing TODAY, April 13, 2016, at 1:30PM in Capitol 212 in Springfield, IL.

Senate Floor Amendment 1 would reduce funding for special education by almost 1/3, would put that funding into a special education formula block grant, and completely ELIMINATE current Illinois laws directly tying funding to SPECIAL EDUCATION programs (such as the Illinois law that now gives $9,000 to a local school district for EACH special education teacher and other professional personnel working full-time with students with IEPs).

A local school district would receive exactly the same amount of money in the special education formula block grant if it has 100 special ed teachers or if it fired 90 of them and has 10.

You can OPPOSE the special education parts of Senate Floor Amendment (SFA) 1 to Senate Bill 231 by filling out a Witness Slip THIS MORNING.

Go to http://my.ilga.gov/WitnessSlip/Create/84192?committeeHearingId=13624&LegislationId=84192&SCommittees-page=1

Fill in all the boxes.

For Firm/Business, or Agency, if you do not represent one of them, put in NONE.

Under III. Position, click on the arrow under Description where it says Original Bill. Then click on SFA 1.

Click on Opponent.

Then click on Record of Appearance Only.

To verify that you are a live person, type the text.

Mark I agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement and then click on Create (Slip).


3 Replies to “Special ed urgent action needed. File a witness slip.”

  1. What does the Manar amendment apply to? How is it tied to the governor’s funding proposal and proposals currently designed to change the funding formula? Thanks!

  2. As to your question–the amendment is basically the same (or worse) as the original proposal. It’s actually just a smoke-&-mirrors kind of charade to ram this toxic bill (which, in its previous incarnations, was last year’s SB 16, &–since it didn’t even get out of committee–re-introduced as the first bill in this year’s G.A.–SB 1 {yeah, that’s always been bad for us!}–& has thus far gone nowhere…thus the amendment). Anyway, the whole bill looks good on paper–it’s the purported “equalizer,” whereby monies are distributed from the “better-funded” (because it’s recently come to light that it’s only going to skim a bit off the top of the more affluent school districts–so you know the lion’s share will be taken from–wait for it–the more middle class school districts) school districts to the poorer districts, fooling ILL-Annoy taxpayers into saying, “Oh, yeah, that’s fair–every school district & child needs to benefit.”
    Except that’s NOT what will happen (as explained, in large part, by Bev Johns’ post above). The mostly hidden side of this is–who’s behind this bill?
    Why, none other than Advance ILL-Annoy, the Steans-backed (you know Sen. Heather Steans, charter school promoter {who only backed off/signed against the Rogers Park charter high school at the behest of U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, then {Steans} went on to propose the creation of new charter schools in double-digits). The same Sen. Steans who proposed the ILL-Annoy Charter School Commission, which has had the authority to override local district decisions on charter schools in their cities & towns.
    And what/who is this “Advance ILL-Annoy,” pushing the Manar bills & amendment? An organization that had as its Executive Director (who has resigned to take an ISBE position) Sen. Steans SISTER, Robin Steans.
    In the end, it doesn’t mean equalization.
    It will lead to the opening of more charter schools in those “poorer” neighborhoods. And we all know what’s been happening with UNO.
    Ka-ching for the charter $chool operator$$, even when they are ($uppo$edly) “non-profit.”

  3. Also–if you are conflicted or don’t know much about charter schools, I refer you to Diane Ravitch’s Blog (her latest posts include “An Astonishing Swindle of Public Money” & “Hedge Fund Manager Gives Eva Moskowitz $25 Million”) to read up on the national picture. It’s not pretty.

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