The moral bankruptcy of the Chicago Tribune and Kristin McQueary.


April 1st Day of Action.

At the Friday CTU April 1st rally at the Thompson Center, one of the speakers, a young African-American activist, Page May, ended her speech with a expletive directed at the CPD that just outraged those high in the Tribune tower – as if they had never heard the word before.

And they must have wondered, what ever could make somebody be so angry as to say such a thing?

This week they published the report by the Mayor’s task force on police abuse.

The summary of the Task Force report was that the police “have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color.”

Immediately, Tribune columnist Krisitin McQueary wrote a blistering commentary on the racist history of the Chicago Police Department and explained that this history justified the anger of folks like Page May.

McQueary pointed out that the Chicago Police Department, according to the Mayor’s own Task Force, is an institution of institutional racism that is a mortal threat to people of color in Chicago.

No she didn’t.

She wrote another column attacking the CTU and Ms Karen Lewis for not condemning Page May.

No surprise, really.

Kristin McQueary, you will remember, wrote a column last August which called for a Hurricane Katrina to destroy Chicago public schools.

It echoed the exact sentiments of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, by the way. But McQueary’s column brought on so much national and international outrage that she was forced to apologize.

So, McQueary and the Tribune are the masters of the walk back and the apology.

Their selective moral outrage, however, gives them no right to lecture Ms Lewis and the CTU.

8 Replies to “The moral bankruptcy of the Chicago Tribune and Kristin McQueary.”

  1. The good news is they are headed to financial bankruptcy soon too. Please help them . Boycott their advertisers and try to avoid page views.

  2. Fred,
    You never have a good word to say about anything remotely connected to city hall, but have some wacky review board say something you agree with and you are on the bandwagon with both feet.
    Exactly what did you expect these yucks to say? Everything is terrific, we just have a few misunderstood cops?
    Of course there is a political lean here, almost a horizontal cha cha.

    Can’t believe I just agreeed with a union guy.


  3. Kristin McQueary is not the only Tribune staffer who does not seem to have an understanding of Chicago. Chicago Week In Review also features others from the Tribune who probably live in the suburbs and cannot sense the reality of what Chicagoans experience in their neighborhoods and daily lives. Their views can be very short sighted and narrow to their agenda – a few investigative journalists aside. I think Ms. McQueary’s role is to market the paper to a demographic who can accept simple solutions to complex problems.

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