Keeping retirement weird. No IEA RA.


IEA President Cinda Klickna trying to run things at this weekend’s Representative Assembly.

I’m dearly missing my fellow retired and active IEA members this weekend.

Those who are still members are out in Rosemont at the IEA Representative Assembly.

Except for the first year of my retirement, when the union bureaucrats in Springfield lost my paperwork transferring my membership from active to retired, I have never missed an RA until this year.

But I’m no longer a member of IEA Retired. The IEA leadership doesn’t work in the interests of retired teachers.

Instead, Friday I spent the day at the Chicago Theological Seminary listening and talking about issues of race and class and the battle for the moral soul of our City and country.

Heavy stuff.

The meeting was titled, RIOTcon 2016. RIOT stands for Raging Issues of Today. 

Mapping a Movement focuses on the history, organization and necessary tools for social justice movements. These two days feature a dynamic program and training schedule, including three keynote addresses, panel discussions and workshops led by the brightest minds of today.

I was so pleased that my brother and I were invited to take part in the program, hosting a lunch time chat with some of those attending. There was a lot of talk yesterday about the new and rising youth movement and  Black Lives Matter. It caused me to reflect back on my own experiences in the sixties as a young activist in an earlier youth movement, and  now life’s imposed role as an elder.

Thanks to Rhonda K. Brown, Vice President of Advancement at the Chicago Theological Seminary, for inviting us.

There wasn’t much talk about the raging issues of today out in Rosemont, although today they will be addressed by Donna Brazile, former Chair of the Democratic National Committee and current Hillary campaign strategist.

Meanwhile, in Rosemont, delegates voted down a plan that was supposed to streamline the state union by reducing the number of people who sit on the state board of directors.

The change was supported by the leadership.

Apart from whether I think the central problem in the IEA – worthy of being the focus of the annual state meeting – is the size of the board of directors rather than the message of the leadership, the delegates at the RA were clearly worried about a leadership body with even less rank-and-file voice than there is now.

Even as an outsider now, I’m glad to see there is still resistance inside the IEA by the active teacher and ESP membership to what the leadership sees as efficiency, but the rank-and-file see as even less voice.

One Reply to “Keeping retirement weird. No IEA RA.”

  1. I’ve had that opinion of the IEA long before you voiced yours, I’ve been retired for 9 yrs. I felt some hope knowing that you and people like you were still involved and hopeful but it is very evident that what was hope turned out to be no moire than wishful thinking.

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