6 Replies to “Taxing retirement income.”

  1. I like your offer; works for me. Now – about finding that $10 Billion: How about getting it back from where it went (the State had the money, they just spent it on other stuff, like buying votes, instead of contributing it to the Pension Fund)?

    The people who got the stolen funds should repay them – that’s a much fairer result than robbing (OK, you call it “taxing”) completely innocent people. OK by you?

    As I said before, it also wouldn’t hurt to stop all those spending programs that were started with the stolen money. Stop the spillage, and pick up the mess. That was how my mother did it when I was a kid.

  2. Fred,
    Retirement $ will be taxed as part of some grand deal.
    Also, why do you care about the billions being paid back? You have a gov’t guarantee, right.
    And quit bitching about social security. You know the rules going in and made a decion based on the facts at the time.


    1. Clyde,
      I have no problem with retirement income being taxed as long as the grand deal includes your retirement income too (uh oh) and a graduated income tax. As for points two and three, you speak out of two sides of your mouth. I care about my pension system being fully funded because that was the deal when I entered it. When I entered the Social Security system at sixteen years of age and paid into it, nobody suggested to me that the money I paid in would be taken from me 32 years later in order to become a teacher.

  3. Dear Clyde,
    Many, if not most public retirees today started their public employment before WEP/GPO existed. Many others who started later were never informed about it until they retired. Kind of like a 35-year march to the finish line. Ronald Reagan had buried land mines under the finish line, the retirees discover them when they step on them.

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