The Mayor takes out his revenge on Chicago’s outspoken principal. UPDATED.

The news last night was not entirely unexpected.

Still it shot across social media  and within minutes the story was being posted and reposted.

Rahm had taken revenge against the City’s most outspoken CPS principal, Troy LaRaviere of Blaine Elementary School.

Today’s Sun-Times reported:

In a message to parents, LSC and community members, Chicago Public Schools announced Wednesday that the vocal principal and frequent critic of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Troy LaRaviere, has been reassigned from his post at Blaine Elementary School.

Effective Thursday, Pedro Alonso, the principal of Von Steuben High School from 2006 to 2014, will take his place, according to a CPS email obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Blaine will hold a meeting next Monday evening “to discuss the school leadership change and transition plans,” according to the email, which did not disclose disclose specifics of LaRaviere’s role.

LaRaviere did not respond to a message seeking comment late Wednesday.

In August 2015, LaRaviere was formally censured by Chicago’s Board of Education in a warning resolution that’s an early step in the district’s termination process. A CPS spokesman then denied that the discipline came in retaliation for LaRaviere’s work as an education adviser to Emanuel’s mayoral challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

At the time, LaRaviere also was accused of “insubordination directed toward the CEO” during a July 13, 2015, budget meeting in which he “asked a provocative question from the audience attempting to highlight financial missteps of the Board and demanding an answer to those missteps.”

LaRaviere has been at Blaine, 1420 W. Grace, since 2011.

In “Better Possibilities,” a TV ad for U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign released in March, LaRaviere says: “In Chicago, we have endured a corrupt political system. And the chief politician standing in the way of us getting good schools is our mayorIn an emailed statement late Wednesday, CPS spokeswoman Emily Bittner said: “CPS has removed Troy LaRaviere because of alleged acts of misconduct, including violations of a previous Warning Resolution passed by the Board of Education. A hearing will be held to determine his employment status.”

A source close to Blaine said a pre-suspension hearing will be held to determine whether LaRaviere could be suspended without pay.

Talk has circulated in the media and among progressive activists for the past nine months about Troy running against Rahm for Mayor.

Apparently, Rahm has taken his revenge for the sharp criticism by LaRavieire of his education and social policies, for LaRaviere’s outspoken support for Bernie Sanders against Rahm’s choice, and for what is perceived by the Mayor as a political threat.

There was no comment on Troy’s Facebook page as of this morning.


Wednesday April 20, 2016: What a day.
Believe it or not, my “reassignment” was only the 2nd most ridiculous thing that CPS did on Wednesday. Wait ’til you hear about the first. I’ll be writing later today.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out. It’s literally been overwhelming. Please forgive me if I’m not able to respond to all of you. I’ll do my best. Special thanks to Colin McGeehan for that Impressions post. It was a timely message to wake up to.

8 Replies to “The Mayor takes out his revenge on Chicago’s outspoken principal. UPDATED.”

  1. What will the parents at Blaine think about this? I believe this school is well funded by parents who grew up in the suburbs and contribute to Blaine in many ways so that the children, theirs and others, have adequate supplies and support. Hopefully, they will express their outrage. Rahm’s behavior is so OBVIOUS with this and his recent support for the ridiculous Lucas Museum project which is a desperate attempt to please his wealthy friends at taxpayer expense and to ensure more future campaign contributions. LaRaviere will no doubt find support everywhere after this petty attempt by Rahm to control LaRaviere’s willingness to expose the truth.

  2. Troy LaRaviere is a good man. He cares about children. He cares about Chicago Public Schools. He cares about the communities of Chicago. He is being bullied by a mayor who recently conned his way into a second term by hiding evidence of a police officer’s unnecessary and deadly shooting of a disturbed young man. This young man could have benefitted from the mental health clinics that the mayor shut down. We can’t afford to provide the communities with mental health clinics. But we can borrow at high interest rates from the bankers willing to issue expensive loans for the George Lucas Museum, as Ann pointed out.

    If a Chicago resident makes six figures, he/she could probably survive somewhat with a mayor like Emmanuel or a governor like Rauner. But if one makes less than six figures, get in line for your free holiday turkey (Rauner might hold back on those turkeys), and a few annual, two hundred dollar, hidden camera speeding tickets. Then get down on your knees and pray that your job lasts for another year.

    This mayor is cocky, pompous, and wrong. Let’s hope the voters of Chicago remember that during the next mayoral election.

  3. The ONLY people that should have a say in whether Troy is principal of Blaine is the Blaine’s local school council. They hired him. And that is their right, privilege and responsibility under local school council rules in Chicago. The BOE should only be involved if he were found to be committing a crime such as misappropriating school funds–you know, like the mayor does all the time. This is pay back for a whistle blower. Too bad principals aren’t in a union.

  4. “Troy LaRaviere, has been reassigned from his post at Blaine Elementary School.”

    Outrageous. This game is so rigged. The mayor is obviously determined to destroy EVERY neighborhood school. The low performing neighborhood schools? Starve ’em and shut ’em down. The best level 1+ neighborhood school? Remove the principal.
    How about reassigning the mayor? As far as I’m concerned, this is an impeachable offense – can we impeach the mayor? How about a recall? Bring in the DOJ – they’re already in town investigating CPD.

  5. So the person replacing him has been where the last two years? Rahm has done some stupid things but this one is right up there with just about everything Rauner says/does.

  6. Remember what was said after Pearl Harbor..”we have awoken a sleeping giant” Sweet revenge will be the day Troy sits at the desk of the former (ahem) mayor. He has the FIRE to knock this 1%er to his knees. In the mean time, the media must wake up the zombied voters and feds. This Tutu from Wimette must be frozen out of any decision makings or loans pertaining to the City. With all his hair brain ideas it’s 1 billion here 2 billion there on non emergency dumbass projects. His recent push to build an ego alter for his donor Hollywood George is pure idiotic as is his rapid transit line to OHare, that if lucky might see a ridership of a 100 per day. While he has these dream projects going on in his head, he closed 50 schools, he is short changing the children the teachers and the citizens. Our crime is out of control with a police force short 2,000 t0 4,000 officers. Chicago really needs Troy before there is no more Chicago. He is of the Ms Lewis mold, smart, cares, has honor,and has BALLS. I for one will back him, I WANT MY CITY BACK !

  7. When I started teaching 20+ years ago the discourse around professional development was the great need for reflection. To be an educator it is not enough to do the job but to reflect upon your practices. As teachers we held a mirror toward ourselves and our colleagues to do our jobs better. The students are the beneficiaries of that discourse and practice. I think that the latest example of the CPS board’s “company man” policy is this reassignment of Troy LaRaviere. Dissent, disagreement, reflection are practices that are at the heart of education, ultimately what value does this hold other than that? While this is fodder for the rampage and rage of Rahm… something much more sinister is at play here. When we silence those who share their voice and reflections around the most vulnerable of our human community… children… what does that say about the state of our human condition? Troy LaRaviere held the mirror a little too close for comfort.

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