We get letters.



You know Fred, all of this is much easier to understand once one realizes that public employment in the State of Illinois is nothing but a make work jobs program in payment of services rendered for the last few generations.


Hey Clyde,

Making work in payment of services is okay with me, Clyde. Although it seems the current Governor is interested in less work for less payment. 

Happy now?




Should have stick to teaching.



No. I was done. But you should have “stick” to learning.




Some stuff doesn’t make sense, like a single payer for health insurance.

You think it’s a good idea but there is no competition now, want it worse?

Put the freaking gov’t in charge.



Clearly the private sector, competition and the free market have been hugely successful in providing low-cost medical care that is widely accessible.




So – all this money you want spent “on children”: Does it go directly to the children or their families, or does it go to people who say they’ll “Do the Right Thing for Your Children?” Money for a museum does, it would seem, actually go to building the actual museum.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m no fan of government museums, but I bet you catch my drift . . .


Hi Anonymous,

You’re against government museums too? 

You know what you call a private museum?

Ken Griffin’s house. Or that George Lucas Star Wars store Rahm wants to build on the Lake.



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