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1987 Chicago Tribune. “Prince is a purple pop footnote,” and “Rap music is a passing fad.” 

This past September, an award-winning Chicago Public Schools principal named Troy LaRaviere published a post on his blog that began, “Whenever I try to take a break from writing about CPS to focus on other aspects of my professional and personal life, CPS officials do something so profoundly unethical, incompetent and/or corrupt that my conscience calls me to pick up the pen once more.”

What had Principal LaRaviere going this time? We’ll get there eventually. But first we have to back up and survey what brought the Chicago Public Schools to this calamitous pass in the first place. It’s hard to know where to begin. Though when it comes to the failings of America’s institutions you can rarely go wrong by looking to the plutocrats. Rick Perlstein



Evening of 4/21/2016: BYP-100 Teach-In in Front of Southside CPD Headquarters at 35th & Michigan. Photo: Frank James Johnson.


It’s a nightmare scenario for Republicans, but conservative billionaire Charles Koch says “it’s possible” Hillary Clinton could make a better president than the remaining candidates in the GOP primary.  ABC News




Is seafood on the menu tonight? Well, there’s a chance it might have been caught by a slave. That’s what the Associated Press uncovered when reporters traveled to the remote island of Benjina, Indonesia. They found workers trapped in cages, whipped with toxic stingray tails for punishment, and forced to work 22 hours a day for almost no compensation. We speak to two of the Associated Press reporters who broke this remarkable story, Robin McDowell and Martha Mendoza. We caught up with them last week in Los Angeles just before they headed to the University of Southern California to receive the 2016 Selden Ring Award for Investigative Reporting for this remarkable series. Democracy Now!


In six major same-day delivery cities, however, the service area excludes predominantly black ZIP codes to varying degrees, according to a Bloomberg analysis that compared Amazon same-day delivery areas with U.S. Census Bureau data.

In Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington, cities still struggling to overcome generations of racial segregation and economic inequality, black citizens are about half as likely to live in neighborhoods with access to Amazon same-day delivery as white residents.

The disparity in two other big cities is significant, too. In New York City, same-day delivery is available throughout Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, but not in the Bronx and some majority-black neighborhoods in Queens. In some cities, Amazon same-day delivery extends many miles into the surrounding suburbs but isn’t available in some ZIP codes within the city limits. Bloomberg

2 Replies to “Sunday posts, pics and tweets.”

  1. Thank you for linking to the Rick Perlstein article. I’m forwarding it everywhere, so that people really get what’s happening here. Also, we need to get on the Tribune for failing to disclose its ties to the charter industry every time the editorial board writes something negative about us, which they always do.

    Have you read Rick’s trilogy about the rise of conservatism in America? It’s fantastic!

  2. So Troy LaRaviere is so good at what he does (many, many awards, even from CPS itself, for being a top educator) that CPS wants to fire him. With no union behind him (The Principals Assn. is not very proactive or powerful), Troy evidently is not entitled to free speech as stated in the US Constitution.

    Of course, that pesky Constitution does not stop rahm or forrest. They haven’t even told him the charges against him. They are too busy inventing things to be bothered by the truth. It enrages me. I hope this corrupt and unethical action by CPS is not lost on the CTU. I hope it is not lost on the public either. It is time for rahm and forrest to pack their bags, call bruce, get their wine, and leave the state.

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