Dan Mihalopoulos doesn’t get it. Good night.

A Twitter exchange between Sun-Times columnist Dan Mihalopoulos, Anders Lindall of AFSCME and Amanda Kass of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability.


9 Replies to “Dan Mihalopoulos doesn’t get it. Good night.”

  1. For an “investigative” reporter, Danny sure has a lazy habit of going after low hanging fruit. Remember his “scoop” about Karen Lewis’ real estate holdings? That was a laugh.

  2. The actual return over the past thirty years was over 9 percent annually. Further, I would object to the characterization of a State contribution as “Nil.” They were certainly insufficient, but far from non-existent.
    Thanks for sharing, Fred.

    1. Perhaps not “nil” in recent years, Jon. But “insufficient” seems an awfully constrained way of putting a situation situation which has left my pension fund around 60% unfunded, with a $110 billion dollar liability and arguably the most underfunded in the nation (except for Puerto Rico). I would object to the objection. Amanda is essentially correct within the context of a Twitter comment and the discussion taking place.

      1. Point well made, point well taken. I certainly know what happened to our pension-in my attempt to correct a misstatement, I missed the limitations of Twitter. I find it difficult to say “Hello” in 140 characters myself.

        Once again, primary concern in reading the exchange was Dan’s apparent astonishment that a public pension fund could be successful investors.

  3. Dan rather lost his journalistic compass after writing an article (having the quality of something that the National Enquirer–or the N.Y. Daily News–would print) in the Sunday edition of the Sun-Times (YUGE pictures on the front page!) about Karen Lewis’ lavish “vacation homes” shortly after she announced her candidacy for mayor.
    & this, after having exposed the UNO Charter School scandal (such investigative reporting could have, actually, earned him a Pulitzer).
    Good night indeed, Dan.

  4. Uh, Dan, in case you forgot, teachers pay taxes too. So I paid into TRS for 35 years, the state has stolen my money for its pet projects and hasn’t/doesn’t meet its obligations, and then taxes me to boot. How about just once appreciating what teachers, first responders and other state employees have given their lives and careers for and not scapegoating us for the mess politicians created?

  5. So let’s do a projection of the dollar amount taxpayers support a single Social Security receipient. Surely Dan doesn’t believe it’s all “his” money!

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