2 Replies to “Teachers (Deborah Meier).”

  1. Amen!!!
    The best way to teach is secretively. Used to work with a teacher who would walk down the hall after school(her only trip to the front office for the day because she was too busy) and mutter under her breath, fire the administrators, give us the money, we will teach the kids.
    Stay secretive and teach.!

  2. Just read about another anti-union move by Rauner. This one is the appointment of an “anti-union part time instructor….as the lone faculty representative on the Illinois Board of Higher Education.” This is consistent with Rauner stacking boards with anti-union members. Some others are the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board, (which just ruled the legal 1-day strike by CTU as illegal) and the state pension systems board members. There has been a call put out to urge members of the state senate to reject approval of the appointee, John Bambenek.

    . http://www.educationdive.com/news/il-governor-picks-faculty-representative-who-doesnt-agree-with-most-facult/418192/

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