Surfing in Brooklyn.

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It is about more than just opposing the Confederate flag. 

Alabama is currently celebrating Confederate Heritage Month with a state-wide holiday and a series of public events aimed at remembering and honoring those who fought on the side of southern, slave-owning states during the Civil War. At one such event this week, organized by the Ladies’ Memorial Association, Alabama’s Secretary of State John Merrill lamented recent calls to remove Confederate symbols from government buildings.

“The next question that has to be asked is so what’s the next thing you are going to do,”he asked, “are you going to take a bulldozer to the monument and forget what people fought for to preserve a way of life that makes us special and unique?”



Supporters of outspoken Blaine Elementary Principal Troy LaRaviere suspect that the district’s ‘reassignment’ of him last week was a politically motivated effort to keep him out of the public spotlight and out of the running for a bigger role as head of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association.

If so, that plan may well have backfired.

LaRaviere, a vocal critic of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s education agenda, is still running for the presidency of the principals group. And there’s nothing in the organization’s constitution to keep him from doing so, despite the reassignment and the district’s charges against him, which include “insubordination” and “ethics violations.”

If LaRaviere is elected, he will have to leave his post at Blaine anyway—taking him out of CPS’ disciplinary jurisdiction while simultaneously giving him a more powerful public role. Catalyst



Guggenheim protests.


Imagine my surprise when I discovered an unlikely ally in my criticism of Charlotte Danielson’s much lauded approach: Charlotte Danielson herself. The founder of the Danielson Framework published an article in Education Week (April 18 online) that called for the “Rethinking of Teacher Evaluation,” and I found myself agreeing with almost all of it — or, more accurately and more egocentrically, I found Charlotte Danielson agreeing with me, for she is the one who has changed her tune. Ted Morrisey

One Reply to “Surfing in Brooklyn.”

  1. I can see why CPS says there have been ethics violations on the part of Troy LaRaviere. He has ethics. That violates CPS’ demand to have none at all.

    I can only hope that the CPS principals elect Troy LaRaviere as president of their association. I also hope they all wear standwithtroy t-shirts soon.

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