2 Replies to “Teachers (Frank McCourt).”

  1. Mr. Klonsky,
    I am new to your blog. Your recent sketch of Frank McCourt engaged me immediately. I would like to purchase it. It will go next to a recent sketch in the New Yorker by Zohar Lazar titled “If you see something….”
    If there are legal issues attached to McCourt’s quote perhaps a charitable donation would resolve them.
    Jim Geiger

    1. Mr. Geiger,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      My drawings are done on a computer drawing board using paint software. So, there are no copies other than what appears on my blog.
      I do not charge money for them. I encourage their use and distribution.
      I normally ask that if they are printed out for personal use that a donation be made to the International Dreamers Scholarship Fund.
      The IDSF raises money for scholarships for undocumented students who wish to attend a college and cannot receive funding because of their status. If you choose to donate, let the IDSF know it is for the drawing in my name.
      – Fred

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