Random thoughts. Rauner’s end game.


Governor Rauner was visiting some suburban high schools yesterday.

A question-and-answer session with students in the auditorium was “one of the best” he’d experienced in the state, Rauner said.

But senior Ally Rudolph, an 18-year-old who lives in Lindenhurst, was less impressed.

She asked Rauner about unpaid bills to state social-service providers, pointing to a lawsuit that was filed last week against Rauner and members of his administration by a group of agencies that provide services to youths, homeless people, people with HIV/AIDS and low-income people with mental health issues.

“All our priorities have not been getting paid for years and years and years, and we’ve got to change that system,” Rauner said in response to her question. “That’s what we’re fighting for is to restructure the government, make it more efficient and effective. We waste billions of dollars in bureaucracy and inefficiency and waste.”

Rudolph said she felt the answer wasn’t much of an answer.

“He definitely dodged my question,” she said. “He tried to tie it back into schools and the funding that we need, but there was absolutely no answer how he’s going to confront the lawsuit, what he feels about the necessity of these services. I just felt there was not a real answer. I just kind of got talked in a circle.”

I feel the same way, Ally.

What is Rauner’s current end game?

His turnaround agenda of anti-union collective bargaining limits, attacks on fair share, and corporate give aways is not going to happen.

Term limits? Not likely.

I keep hearing talk of grand bargains, but what is that?

Some change to the school funding formula? A tax increase somewhere less than the previous 5% but more than the current 3.75?

Certainly no graduated Fair Tax in the near future.

In exchange for what? Maybe Rauner will get some changes to workman’s comp.

All this pain for some possible changes in workman’s comp? And no change to the structural issue of not enough revenue and not enough spending on people’s real needs.

It really is criminal.

3 Replies to “Random thoughts. Rauner’s end game.”

  1. Fred: Please, please follow up on this story: Learn Charter Schools (controlled by the Walton Family, of Wal-Mart fame) already have a charter in North Chicago. The public schools are showing measurable student growth, especially at the junior high level. The charter school does not have to produce such data. The Learn group wants to open a second charter school. They presented “petitions” with many bogus names claiming to support their proposal. The school board and community voted it down. Learn appealed to the Illinois Charter Commission (a non-elected group), which in turn shoved this new charter down the throats of the North Chicago citizens. This move in all likelihood will eventually bankrupt the public school system there. If that happens, the public school students will have to be absorbed by the neighboring towns.
    There are plenty of irregularities in this case.
    There is a juicy story of corruption and possible illegal actions if someone is willing to go after it.

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