Manar bill passes Senate. Threatens special ed funding. Call your representative.

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Senator Andy Manar. His school funding formula change would take away special education funding from schools across the state.

-Bev Johns

Have you contacted your State Representative to OPPOSE the special education parts of Senate Bill 231, sponsored by State Senator Andy Manar?

Why not?

Find out who your State Representative is –

At 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Senate Bill 231 barely passed the Illinois State Senate (with only one extra vote) by a vote of 31 yes, 21 no, 3 present, 4 not voting.

SB 231 now goes to the Illinois House of Representatives, where there is much more doubt as to what will happen.

The bill would cut special ed funding by almost 1/3, and would ELIMINATE the $9,000 for each special ed teacher and other professionals working full-time with students with IEPs.

Instead Illinois would have a Formula Special Education Block Grant that could be spent by a local school district for ANY purpose.


SB 231 would ABOLISH direct and dedicated funding for special education in Illinois and replace it with a formula special education Block Grant that could be spent on ANY student or for ANY purpose.

If you do NOTHING, SB 231 may pass the Illinois House,and Gov. Rauner may sign it as part of a Grand Compromise on taxes and spending in Springfield (see excerpt below from May 10 Chicago Tribune story) –

Rauner has said he’s open to changing the formula but not if it means taking money from some schools to give to others. He criticized Democrats on Monday for threatening to tie the funding bill to a formula change, saying “We have got to stop treating our schools like political footballs.”

 But when asked if he would sign the Manar bill if it made it to his desk, Rauner struck a more measured tone. He said it would make him “uncomfortable” to take money from districts that are benefiting under the existing formula but that he wanted to “study” the plan.

One Reply to “Manar bill passes Senate. Threatens special ed funding. Call your representative.”

  1. Bev, our District Superintendent said the block grant funding will help poorer school districts and only hurt the wealthier districts. Is this true? The sup thinks this plan is a good plan. I’m not so certain. Thanks,

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